Posted on August 19, 2011

Zoobles -Spring to life!

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Boo received this adorable Zoobles to have a play with recently. She was over the moon as I don’t normally buy her toys like this as they usually just get lost in the bottom of the toy box and forgotten about! After watching Toy Story I am very conscious about hurting toys feelings ;O) Anyway I really had no need to worry as she hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived (can’t help feeling a little sorry for her other toys though)
Far away in the mysterious land of Zooble reside hundreds of adorable, little creatures, each with the ability to magically transform from tiny balls hiding in the unknown into cute, mischievous and quirky little creatures called Zoobles. These adorable characters are waiting to surprise you by “popping” open when you least expect it.

Zoobles are collectable, colorful characters that “pop” open when placed on their magnetized “Happitat”. There are hundreds of Zooble characters to collect and playsets for added fun!

Boo was sent the Icetasia Zoobles set

Mama Zooble with Baby Zooble

Mama and Baby on their Happitat

Baby inside Mama’s tummy
Boo has really enjoyed playing with her Zoobles and I would happily buy her more now that I know that she likes them so much! There are 100’s to choose from and will make perfect stocking fillers this Christmas!
Pop on over to the Zoobles website – it is very interactive and has lots of fun things for your little ones to do!
You can buy Zoobles from most Toy Shops, Here are just a few that I have found…
Zoobles singles pack at The Entertainer Toy Shop £6.00
Large Collection at ToysRUs starting at just £5.99

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  • Reply Louise August 21, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    My gorgeous daughter has gone through many phases of "collecting" – ZuZu Pets (which I completely ignored the no carpet rule and as a result none work meaning lots of lovely rooms for nothing), Littlest Pet Shop (which has parts so small I need extra strength glasses to see) and Mermaid secrets (or something where the mermaid is hidden in a bath bomb)…Unfortunately I get more obsessed with fulfilling the collection than my daughter does. Zoobles is her latest one. I think I'm going to get sucked in all over again!!

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