Posted on February 2, 2017

What to do with my hair?


It’s been so long since I last went to the hairdressers, I keep putting it off because my salon closed down and I really need to find a new one. I did go to a new one last July and really wasn’t happy so I need to try again. At this rate I’ll be needing a hair transplant before I decide where to go and what to have done! I am terribly indecisive and terribly poor at taking care of myself! I really need to change this and start making more time for me!

Me aged 27 (Far left) with short short hair at my sister’s wedding!

In my early twenties I had really short hair but for the last ten years I have always gone for the safe mid length bob and I am so so bored of it but what exactly can you get away with when you are approaching forty? Over the past ten years my hair has been blonde, red, brown and I’m tending to go back towards blonde now but it’s just so fine that I can’t do a great deal with it! You can tell I’m frustrated right now can’t you? 😉

Last May.

This was me last May after I’d had it cut and coloured, I did love it like that but soon got really bored. I’ve been having a look on Pinterest at lots of different styles and I always come back to the same thing, I really love Balayage highlights which I had last time but I just didn’t love the way they were done.

2012 with blonde highlights

Awww I love this photo of me and Bugs, we were on a steam train in Devon and I was feeling so so happy! Just looking at it is making me feel so old now but it was only 6 years ago.

With a fringe in 2013!!!!

I had a fringe sometime in 2013 and I loved it, everytime I have tried to go with a fringe since then I have hated it so I guess it just boils down to the way it was cut really!

Well I suppose whatever I do it can’t be any worse than my child hood haircut… can it? 😉

That’s me on the right ;D

Seriously what on earth were my parents thinking? They didn’t do this themselves either, they actually paid someone to do this to us!!!!!

Anyway I’d really love your advice if you have any at all. What styles do you think would suit me and what colour? Can you recommend any websites that can help me make a decision?

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  • Reply Karen Langridge February 8, 2017 at 10:10 am

    haha love your childhood hair, mine wasn’t much better, seriously what did our parents put us through 🙂 x

  • Reply Kara February 5, 2017 at 11:06 am

    I am having the same dilemma, although I think will stay blonde as the grey is coming through thick and fast and it masks it better

  • Reply Kara February 5, 2017 at 5:10 am

    Find a good hairdresser. Go in with a loose idea of what you like and leave it up to them. They have the talent.
    My thing is hair always grows back or can be changed. So don’t worry. You may get something completely different and love it.
    I am not loving my short hair again (only just bloody cut it off) and thinking of growing. But I bore so easily xx

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