Posted on September 7, 2011

What Colour is your T-shirt Review


I received a lovely children’s CD called What Colour is your T-shirt? from Monkey & Bo to review a couple of weeks ago.

Music for the under 6’s – a collection of 10 original songs for children written and performed by Nick Cope.

The former lead singer of Oxford band The Candyskins has returned to the music industry and now devotes his time to writing and performing engaging folk-based songs for children.

Nick writes songs about things that really matter to little ones; jumping in the mud, colours, counting along with monkeys and exploring their surroundings. There’s lots of chance for kids to join in!

What we thought!!

Mummy – I tend to find children’s music rather tedious but I have to admit to really enjoying listening to What colour is your t-shirt? I don’t even mind that the songs get stuck in my head and I end up singing the all day long ;O)

Boo age 4 – Boo has great fun listening to this and making up her own actions! Her favourite is Track 1 – As i lie here in my bed! She finds it hysterically funny that she has to keep getting up out of bed and going and doing all the things that she has forgotten to do; like brush her teeth, switch of the tap etc!! She has listened to this over and over and now knows all the songs by heart! We play it in the car and it is really fun to sing and dance along too!

Bugs age 1 – Bugs really loves this music and whenever it is playing he is ALWAYS bopping along to it :O)

We all love What colour is your t-shirt? and would definitely recommend it to you if you have a child Under 6 – A really fun collection of songs :O)

You can buy What colour is your t-shirt by Nick Cope at Monkey & Bo for £10.00

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  • Reply Monika aka Mumonthebrink September 7, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    Nick's work is fantastic! We have the pleasure of joining his classes every once in a while and the kids absolutely love it.
    A great CD for your collection. It wont drive you potty like the usual nursery rhymes. 🙂

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