Posted on July 25, 2013

We’re Playmobil Playologists!

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A while ago we were lucky enough to be chosen as Playmobil Playologists and a few weeks ago we had our first delivery! To be totally honest I hadn’t bought any Playmobil toys before so wasn’t sure what to expect. I mentioned Playmobil to my other half and got lots of stories of his younger days with forts, horses and soliders so it could just have been me who missed out on it when I was growing up!


We were sent two products in this delivery, Bugs got an adorable 1.2.3. Wading Pool and Boo was sent the amazing Summer Fun Hotel. I have to say since receiving both products I have been very impressed and am already adding to our collection with more pieces from the 1.2.3 range for Bugs! It’s his third birthday in two weeks so the Knight’s Castle and the Noah’s Ark may have been wrapped up for him 😉

Photo 24-07-2013 20 21 44

The Wading Pool set is just gorgeous, it’s chunky and perfect for Bugs’s little fingers – and he just loves that he can fill up the pool and let his little people and his dog splash about in it, even the flower get’s a splash about too! 😉 The Wading Pool set is priced at just £7.99 which I think is an absolute bargain! It makes a perfect little pool for outside Boo’s hotel – the kids happily play together and the two items compliment each other perfectly!

Photo 12-07-2013 19 13 24

Boo was overjoyed when she received the hotel, literally blown away! She was very eager to start playing with it and was a little sad when we opened the box to find it in hundreds of little pieces, she soon got over that when we started to build it.

Photo 12-07-2013 18 50 00

Working on the ground floor

I personally really enjoyed putting it all together, it was so nice to sit and actually do something together like this. It probably took us 2-3 hours it all, we did it over a few days and we were really careful to make sure we got it exactly right!

Photo 15-07-2013 16 20 17

First floor is complete

Boo would have liked to have done more but she found it quite difficult to press the studs in and it would have taken us weeks if I let her do them all, you are supplied with one little yellow tool for putting the studs in – I would have liked there to be at least two in so that I could have let Boo be working on some pieces while I was getting on with others, as it were I had to wait around for Boo or vice versa. I am sure those of you that have bought Playmobil before will have saved the little tools for future purchases. *slaps my own wrist for not discovering Playmobil before*

Photo 16-07-2013 16 36 57

On with the roof and we’re done… Well not quite 😉

So once we had built the hotel we had to put all the furniture together, put stickers on items and just generally get our hotel ready to open 😉 There are lots of little fiddly bits and pieces, which are a bit too fiddly for my chunky hands but seem perfect for Boo. I’m sure some things will get lost if it’s not looked after properly though… I have given her a little tub to keep things in, so fingers crossed!

Photo 16-07-2013 16 33 35

Open for business

Here’s a little video by Boo giving you a tour of her hotel…

As I have already said, I am really impressed with both products that Playmobil have sent us to review and I would happily (and have) buy more!

Huge thanks to Playmobil for choosing us to be Playologists and sending us both of these toys free of charge to review.

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  • Reply Emma July 25, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    ooooh, the hotel looks great!

  • Reply clearlybex July 25, 2013 at 9:52 am

    I am like you, never owned playmobile before until my son was bought a vets set which he loves! I’m going to be picking more bits up in the future. Like you I also have to construct the kits.

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