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Weaning Twins by Suzanne

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This is a guest post about weaning twins by Suzanne from

Double weaning

It’s going to be messy but you have to start eventually. I remember weaning my eldest daughter at 17 weeks as those were the current guidelines 8 year ago. We messed about with baby rice and pureed carrot and pear for a couple of months before being able to move on to the really good stuff at 6 months. Then when boy in the middle was born the advice changed and he was breastfed until 6 months and then we only had to mess about with the rice and pear for a couple of days before moving on to chicken soup.

This time round I didn’t even find out what the advice was because boy in the middle is a great eater now (OK so the only vegetable he will dare to eat is broccoli) and eldest daughter still has to be coaxed into eating. Looking at my two tiny tots I was happy to delay the mess of weaning two babies for as long as possible.

When Baby A and Baby E were 6 months old I bought a box of baby rice, some new spoons and we gave it a go. I borrowed two bumbo seats specifically for the purpose of weaning. Both girls could sit well in them so I could put them both on the table in front of me and with 1 bowl and 1 spoon I fed them baby rice for a couple of days, followed by carrot, pear, butternut squash and then after a couple of weeks we moved nicely on to chicken soup.

I do remember between 6 and 8 months that it is one long meal throughout the day. I breastfed my twins and for a while is seemed they were either being fed from me or by me with a spoon. It takes a while for the food to be more important than the milk. It is hard enough with one baby eating all day, but when two are eating all day there really is no time for anything else!

Once the girls could climb out of the bumbo seats themselves I bought two great highchairs which attach on to my granite table. I then sat each baby at one side of the table so I could sit between them and spoon in from one side to the other. This worked well for another couple of months until once again both girls stood up in their seats. We now have them both in highchairs with straps which they still wriggle out of.

I would give the following advice to any twin mums:

1. Always use 1 bowl and 1 spoon
2. Give each baby their own cup
3. Spoon in from one mouth to the next
4. Don’t worry if it appears that one is eating more than the other
5. Make batches of vegetables and fruit and freeze them in ice cube trays. Once frozen tip into freezer bags so you can easily take out a couple at a time and defrost
6. Keep a sweeping brush near the table as once they learn to throw food off their highchairs you have double the mess to clear up
7. Invest in cover all bibs so that any mess doesn’t go all over their clothes
8. Offer finger foods from 8 months on their tray to distract them and then spoon in the good stuff
9. In the early days of weaning it does feel as if you are feeding all the waking hours between milk and highchair – keep with it, it only lasts a few weeks
10. Relax and enjoy – they will eat as much as they need to

I would say the best thing about feeding twins is that there is always a chance at least one of them will eat the lovingly prepared food. I remember it being so frustrating when I had taken time to make a winning favourite from Annabel Karmel that my daughter or son had enjoyed a couple of weeks earlier to find that it was no longer deemed delicious and the whole lot ended up in the bin. At least with two babies if one won’t eat something the other one often does so at least there is less food to be thrown at me or on the floor.

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  • Reply kerrywren February 11, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    oh I totally get this. My twins are now 17 months old and we did exactly the same thing. To top it off my eldest is only 15 months older so in the end I had one larger bowl, two in high chairs and one on the table in the bumbo! I know your frustation when you have lovingly prepared something. But I have taken the mindset that there are days when they are hungry and days when they are not, just like us and so I am trying not to worry to much. Mine still won't do lumps very well!

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