Posted on August 24, 2012

Vertbaudet Sleepsuits Review

Guest review

Hello All, it’s Kara from Innocent Charms Chats here giving our review for the gorgeous This Mummy Loves of a Pack of 2 Baby Sleep-suits from Vertbaudet.

For over 40 years Vertbaudet have been a favourite with parents in France, then launching in the UK in 1997 they are soon becoming a British fave too. I have shopped with Vertbaudet several times in the past 5 years, firstly for myself and then they were fantastic for baby boy clothes when I had Grayson. They were excellent as at the time very few UK stores offered tiny baby clothes, Grayson being under 6lb for the first 3 months of life Vertbaudet saved the day.

Anti Slip Soles

I was over the moon when we were asked to review a set of Sleep-suits for Addison. Addy is quite on the small size, but I know from past experience that Vertbaudet’s clothes can tend to come up small so we went for the 18m option. Around the middle size wise these are similar to 12-18mth British clothes, but with a longer leg length, so great for the taller babies like Grayson. Addy on the other hand is a tiddler so these did come up a little long on the legs but this hasn’t hindered her doing her usual gymnastics.

Made of Velvet these sleep-suits at less than £14 for a set of 2 are good value for money and on a cold English evening I would not worry about Addison being chilly, especially when she kicks the blankets off.

Gorgeous Addison modelling her new sleepsuit 🙂

Great Quality
Machine Washable and Wash Up Lovely
From 12m Anti Slip Feet to Stop Little Walkers Slipping
Nice Soft Material Inside and Out

On the Website they say that they have press studs at the back and in the legs, unfortunately these sleep-suits only has press studs in the rear, this is a little of a pain when changing a nappy, it’s not so bad with a baby of Addison’s age (15m) but with Newborns I feel this could be quite disturbing during the night as you would need to lay them on their front, no fun if they have just had their milk.

Awkwardly placed poppers

All in all we were pleased with the Sleep-suits, especially for older babies, the colours are perfect for Baby Boys and Girls, so I think once Addison has outgrown these we can keep them for Baby Number 3, as we all know the English Winter Nights warrant nice soft, cozy, warm Jammies.

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  • Reply Chelsea Williams August 26, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Great review! Love the feety bits on the bottom, may have to get some for my little one! 🙂

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