Posted on July 12, 2011

Until The Light of Morning Review

Guest review/ Review

Hi, It’s Dawnie Brown here, Sonia’s sister and also expert guest reviewer 🙂 You can also find me over my personal blog Knees Up Mother Brown (Excuse the shameless plug for my own blog 😉 )
I’ve been asked to review a copy of Until The Light of Morning. This is a CD of lullabies for babies but with a difference. Until the Light of Morning is a new project by Essie Jain (an acclaimed NYC based English singer-songwriter), it’s an album of beautiful lullabies for babies that unlike many children’s music cd’s isn’t excruciating to listen to after the 500th play. In fact it’s actually a pleasure to listen to and helps me to relax as well.
 Essie says “I always felt very clear on how I wanted this album to unfold. Having been lucky enough to spend so much time with my friends and families’ kids, I came to understand that there were three parts to putting a baby to bed, and that they were all as essential to each other. The winding down time, where they are soothed and comforted, then the moment they are just about to fall asleep, and then the time that follows when their dreams are emerging with deep sleep. I wanted to give all those elements in the album, so it unfolds, settles and effortlessly follows that natural rhythm.”

The album contains 8 tracks as follows:
1. What a Big Wide World (my personal favourite)
2. Lay Down
3. Falling Asleep
4. I’m Not Afraid of the Dark
5. O, I Love You
6. The Magic Star
7. Tip Toes
8. Midnight Starship

As with all these types of product, the proof of the pudding is whether it helps or not and I think this one does! I’ve downloaded the CD to my IPhone so that I can play it wherever I am and I have to say it does have a very calming effect on Oscar when he is fighting sleep. I can’t say that it is guaranteed to get him to sleep every time I play it but he does find the music relaxing and that is often enough to send him off to the land of nod. I’ve started playing it when I put him in his cot at night (if he isn’t already asleep) and I often find myself falling asleep whilst I lie there listening to it myself.

You can have a listen to a few of the tracks yourself and find out more information about the album over at their website HERE it’s definitely worth checking out if the sound of usual lullaby music is starting to drive you slowly insane as it was me 🙂 There is also a link from the site where you can buy the album on ITunes.

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