Posted on May 5, 2011

Travelling With Kids

travelling with kids

To kick of our new topic for May “Travelling With Kids” I asked Twitter

What are your “must have items” when travelling with kids?”
Here are some of the responses I got –
@bambinobeads after this week, my iPhone!!!
@Suburbanmummyuk medicine, nappies,suncream, many spare clothes!! & food!
@ChicUniqueUK baby wipes, don’t leave the house without a pack
@13loki Trunki is awesome for travelling with kids, and a sling or wrap rather than a stroller. 2 essentials for airports.
@MellyBentley In car DVD Player and Peppa Pig DVD. Not proud of it but it’s the difference between and hour of screaming and peace
@JoEdwardsJones food!!!! :o)
@TheRealSupermum ear plugs ha
@innocentcharmer baby wipes.
@yummymummy1977 baby wipes!!!
@Jess1984 plenty of little things to do! Maybe even wrap some up so that they think they are presents? Get 1thing out at a time!
@ibakewithout baby wipes, cookies (for dire moments when bribary is needed) …
I totally agree with all of the above! My number 1 item would definately be baby wipes! I never leave home without a packet!

What are your must have items when travelling with kids?

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  • Reply KARA May 9, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Its amazing how many of us were baby wipes, my stepmom always says she hates then (puh) should carry a bottle of water and a flannel – yeah right.
    I have to say in car dvd is something I wish we had for G on trips to hospital.
    I like the fact so many people were honest xxx

  • Reply Loki13 May 5, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Oh and for a long haul flight with a baby, a change of top for you as well as baby (Did London to Sydney with 10 week old – he had plenty of clothes, I smelt like babysick for 24 hours)

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