Posted on September 9, 2011

Total Greek Yoghurt Review


A while ago we were sent a large selection of Total Greek yoghurts to try!! I have to admit to NEVER trying Greek yoghurt before so was unsure what to expect!

Total Greek Split Pots…

We received 20 of the Total 0% split pots and they have been a huge hit in this household, especially with my teenage son who isn’t keen on breakfast cereal! These are really yummy and very filling so he would have one for his breakfast! My favourite was the Total 0% with Strawberry but everyone else preferred the honey! None were wasted though as they are all delicious!

Total 0% with Blueberry
Total 0% with Tropical Fruits

Total 0% with Honey
Total 0% with Strawberry

We also received a 500g pot of Total Greek Yoghurt, a 500g pot of 0% Total Greek Yoghurt and a 500g pot of 2% Total Greek Yoghurt – so we had rather a large amount of Total Greek Yoghurt to get through ;O)

Total Greek Yoghurt
The original thick Greek yoghurt. Enjoyed simply with honey and walnuts, or substituting cream when cooking, TOTAL is a truly versatile product. And with no added sugars or sweeteners, and a mild taste, it is loved by young children and babies.

Bugs (age 1) absolutely loves this stuff – I think he would just sit and eat the whole tub if I left him to it! I drizzle a tiny bit of honey on it for him and he goes wild ;O)

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt
You don’t have to shy away from thick creamy yoghurt if you are on a diet. Eaten at any meal occasion, sweet or savoury, TOTAL 0% is the ideal product for those looking to watch their weight but not compromise on taste. TOTAL 0% can beat those cravings when dieting – for meal and snack ideas check out our recipe section.

Well I’m watching my weight so this is the yoghurt for me – I used it as a substitute in my favourite curry recipes and they were absolutely delicious!! I will definately be buying this weekly!! :O)

Total 2% Greek Yoghurt
If you are looking for an all round fridge staple then TOTAL 2% ticks that box. It has all the flavour of classic Greek yoghurt but with only 2% fat. Eaten fresh from the pot, mixed with your favourite fruit or used in our many recipes, it makes an ideal product for all the family

Lero demolished this pot with Granola and honey for breakfast! I’m not a honey fan so drizzled a little golden syrup on mine and OMG it is so good!! :O)

The Total Greek website has so many great recipes to try out – I have just found this one for Chocolate & Tia Maria Fridge Cake and I am going to make it tomorrow LOL!! It looks divine :O)

So Total Greek gets a huge thumbs up from us :O) We love the stuff xxx
You can buy Total Greek at many supermarkets like Asda, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons and many more – just check the Where to Buy section on the website :O)

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