Posted on April 4, 2018

Top 10 Pool Essentials for Parents

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Going on holiday with a little one in tow can be incredibly stressful. Whether you are heading to somewhere hot and exotic, sunny Europe or the beaches of the UK, the key is to pack light and take the essentials whilst travelling and juggling a young child – even though we all want to take everything but the kitchen sink.

Most parents forget that when going away, not everything is needed. Wherever you are travelling to, there will be a supermarket nearby that will almost definitely have what you need, such as nappies and baby wipes, to avoid heaving your bags around weighing like a tonne of bricks. The same goes for when you are heading to the pool or beach with your child.

Here are the top 10 necessities you will need, to avoid cramming a million and one items in your bag:

1. Towel
Perhaps the most obvious item, a clean towel is essential for your bag to dry your child once they get out of the water, to ensure they don’t catch a chill. They can also be used on sun-loungers, grass or sand.

2. Sun cream
Sun cream is highly important for your little one, to make sure they don’t get burnt under the harsh summer sun. It is advisable to put sun cream on your child before you leave the house, as once you arrive at the pool or the beach, your child will undoubtedly want to jump in – head first – straight away! However, it is vital to bring a bottle with you to reapply every couple of hours.

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3. Wipes
As a parent, we all know that a pack of baby wipes is needed wherever you go – and the same goes for packing a pool or beach bag. Wipes can be a lifesaver for a number of situations, from chocolate-covered faces, to a runny nose.

4. Pool toys
Perhaps, one of the most important items needed for your pool bag – especially to your children – are pool toys. From diving toys to fun animal shaped inflatables, donut rings and noodles, kids water toys are fantastic for providing hours of fun for the whole family, including parents.

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5. Spare change of clothes
Once your child has been in the pool, the journey home can be uncomfortable in wet swimwear. As a result, it is worth taking a spare change of clothes to put on to prevent any moans and groans from making an appearance.

6. Hat
To avoid getting heatstroke and sunburn, taking a swimming cap or a baseball hat is always a sensible idea. There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather during the summertime – especially for children who want to spend every second in the pool having fun with family and friends.

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7. Drinks
When going anywhere with your child, it is wise to take a cold drink with you to hydrate and revitalise after a busy day – especially after taking part in activities, such as swimming, which can make children feel peckish and thirsty. A small cooler bag filled with water, juice and ice is must-have bag item.

8. Snack
Small snacks are needed after working up an appetite swimming. Most children crave something salty or sweet, so it is worth bringing food such as crisps, sandwiches and fruit that will help to fill your child up.

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9. Comb and De-tangler
Taking care of hair is important after a day at the pool or beach. To avoid any painful knots from surfacing, it is worth combing through your child’s hair frequently – whether it is long or short – to ward off any tears later on.

10. Book/Magazines
Whilst your child is busy splashing around in the pool and having fun, you may want to keep yourself occupied by reading a book or magazine to pass time.

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