Posted on September 27, 2013

Tonka Town: Fire Station Play Set Review

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When someone mentions Tonka to me I am sent straight back to my childhood riding on my big yellow Tonka dumper truck! I’ll never forget that truck the hours of fun we used to have on it… so when I was approached recently by the lovely people at Tonka to review some of their new range Tonka Town I was delighted for Bugs obviously 😉 I was desperately hoping that the quality was going to be good as that is what I remember so well about my Tonka truck it was so well sturdy and brilliant quality!


We received the Tonka Town Fire Station play set which Bugs was very pleased about as he loves fire engines at the moment, the quality has not let me down at all. The set comes with the fire station, a fire engine, two firemen and a couple of ladders. It has two different buttons on tops for sirens and when these are pressed the the blue lights at the top of the fire engine flash too, the sirens are noisy and very annoying, there is no way to end them either, you just ahve to wait until they finish which can seem like forever 😉 Obviously the kids love that though and keep pressing it all the more!


Bugs loves the two little firemen, of the whole play set i think these are what he has played with the most, he found out you could take their boots off so he will sit there taking them off… they will get lost if I don’t remember to put them back on before it gets tidied away! He loves the fact you can attach the firemen to the pole and slide them up and down it, I find it really hard to attach them to the pole, it is impossible for Bugs to do it, maybe as they get played with more it will become easier! I hope so anyway as it can be very frustrating when Bugs shouts me to do it every 2 minutes 😉


The fire engine is great, although we would have liked to see a siren on that (well Bugs would, not me so much!) Please excuse the hole in Bugs’s jumper, that’s what you get from buying cheap uniforms 😉


Bugs has played for ages with his new fire station and even Boo loves to play with it too! I think some of the features could do with a bit more thought like the fire at the top of the training tower for example, when it is pushed up it glows but neither of the kids can push it up to the top so that it does glow, it is really really stiff and to be honest in day light you can’t really tell that it glows. Despite the little niggles we love it and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more of the range.


The Tonka Town range is suitable for children ages 3-5 years and is available at all major toy retailers in the UK and it consists of…

Tonka Fire Station Play set – £39.99

Tonka Jail Play Set – £24.99

Tonka Dup Truck – £19.99

Tonka Fire Engine – £19.99

Tonka Police Ranger – £14.99

Tonka Fire Car – £14.99

Tonka Police Bike – £9.99

Tonka Figure Play Set £3.99

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