Posted on July 10, 2012

Tippitoes Fuse Pushchair Review

Review/ tippitoes

My lovely Cybher sponsor Tippitoes sent me one of their brand new Fuse pushchairs to review recently. I’d been looking for a good quality buggy to use with Bugs that is really easy to steer/push because the one that I did have was actually quite hard and used to make my arms ache; it was like it wanted to go in two directions at the same time and I was having to force against it all the time… anyway that one is long gone now and I have had the pleasure of the Fuse for the last few weeks! The Fuse is really really easy to steer – HURRAH!! I was so pleased about that!

The pushchair was easy enough to set up; just attached the wheels, the hood and the bumper bar and you’re good to go! Bugs was so impressed with his new pushchair that he wanted to get in it straight away and there he stayed for the next 40 minutes with a book! That was the only time he did that though, I haven’t had much luck getting him to stay in it since when I want him to be still while I take a shower or something 😉 So yes the Fuse is easy to push and is extremely comfy too… I think it is maybe a little too deep & reclined as Bugs never really seems to be sat up – I have to have the straps a little loose so he can sit forward.

I love the fact that it has a drinks holder but it does make it that extra bit wider so I am always knocking it against things as I forget it is there. Maybe I will get used to that but anything that adds to the width of a pushchair for me is a no no. At the back of the hood are two INVALUBLE pockets! Every pushchair should have pockets!! I’m often nipping out on the school run or to the shop and don’t need to take a bag with me so these are perfect for popping your keys, purse, baby snacks etc in. The shopping basket underneath is a decent size and easy enough to get to; I wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of heavy shopping in there as it is only net but perfectly adequate otherwise. The hood is surprisingly sturdy and I love the window so you can see what your child is doing!

I’m not too keen on the positioning of the handles; it makes it quite difficult to tilt backwards when you need to go up a kerb and I feel the need to get in closer to the pushchair to be able to push comfortably which means that I am always kicking the wheels. The handles don’t have any cushioning either they are just made from hard plastic which I find quite uncomfortable.

A raincover is provided with the Fuse; it is one as seen in the photo above that just attaches to the edge of the hood and Velcro to the bars. It’s a raincover; it keeps Bugs dry whilst out in the rain but it has breath holes in it at the sides… holes that are perfect for little fingers – those holes are now after two uses a LOT bigger than they were! 😉 Bugs is quite a tall boy and his feet stick out of the bottom of the raincover  & he likes to kick and protest so now after two uses the plastic has started to tear! I think if the Summer continues as it is I’ll be buying a new raincover every week!  Anyway at least it comes with one which is more than I can say for some pushchairs and it would be perfect for a smaller baby 😉

The Fuse is easy to fold and put up and has a handy carry handle too which is great for getting in and out of the car. It also has a fantastic bumper bar which can be opened like a gate to the left or right, or can be pushed upwards so you can slip baby in and out! Bugs loves to sit up and hold onto this, his previous pushchair didn’t have one so I think it’s a novelty but I love the extra layer of safety that they provide.

I think overall the Fuse is a great pushchair; Bugs is 23 months now but is a big boy so he probably is too big for it. The Fuse is suitable from birth; I personally would never use a pushchair such as this from birth as I am a carrycot/pram lover but I would definately use from around 6 months!

Key features

• Multi position recline

• Soft and comfortable seat with adjustable calf support

• Front swivel wheels with all round suspension

• Folds flat for storage and carry handle for easy transportation

• Detachable bumper bar with gate opening for easy access

• Viewing window on the hood

• Bottle holder

• Storage pockets on the hood

• Five point safety harness with chest pads for added comfort

• Footrest for added support

The Fuse is available in black or grey/silver for just £129 which I feel is great value for money.


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  • Reply Kara July 10, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Interesting I am not really a stroller person, we have one we were sent for review which is not bad and I certainly took it on holiday with me this past week but like you I find too many little things that I feel a pushchair is better for. I love the pockets and drinks holder on this, these little things would really sell it to me, I am a always liking added extras, I too like the activity bar, Addy’s does not have that but her pushchair does and it is great for toys to attach to to keep them entertained x

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