Posted on March 5, 2012

Tippitoes Extendable Non Trip Safety Gate Review

Review/ tippitoes
My Cybher sponsor Tippietoes recently sent me one of their Extendable Non Trip Safety Gates to review so I could control my little man 😉
What the website says – 
Manufactured from Steel and in a white paint finish relieved by cool grey plastic accessories, the Tippitoes Extendable Non Trip Safety Gate was designed specifically on consumer and retailer feedback. Suitable for use for children up to the age of 24 months, the single panel fits sizes 62-68 cms with 5 adjustable positions allowing an extension from 68 cm to 102 cms. The gate opens both ways for ease of use.
Easy to install this gate requires fixing to a sound and rigid surface and has no need for extensions.What we think – 

The safety gate comes with very easy to follow instructions and is relatively simple to put together. James had a bit of a task trying to get ours to fit as we have a wonky door frame which is narrower at the bottom than the top! Luckily this safety gates works really well with that and you can adjust the top and bottom safety catches  to fit the two different widths. I would advice reading the instructions thoroughly so that you understand the gate and how the extensions work before installing or you may have to go back and start again! Not mentioning any names Cough *James* Cough!

Once installed it is easy to open (to someone who knows how), light and very sturdy! I love the fact that the WHOLE gate opens and not just a section – it means you can actually get things through the space without having to lift over or remove the gate. With the whole gate opening this means that their is no bar across the bottom to trip over which is just brilliant!

We have fitted this safety gate on the doorway to our hall/stairs as Bugs realised he could open the door and toddle off up stairs! (Little monkey) he isn’t particularly happy about being trapped but Mummy is very happy that he is safe! I would definitely recommend this safety gate if you need an extendable one! It is very good value for money at just £22.99 or if this isn’t for you then Tippitoes also sell a Swing Shut Safety Gate which has won a few awards, sadly this didn’t fit my dimensions. They also do a Narrow Swing Shut Safety Gate and a Extra Narrow Swing Shut Safety Gate.

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