Posted on September 13, 2013

Time for Me!


So I was saying yesterday how I really need a good wardrobe clear out and that got me thinking about buying more clothes. I have a terrible selection in my wardrobe currently and I would really like some gorgeous clothes and not to mention shoes! I really should forget the shoes as I have far too many pairs as it is and just work on getting me a new wardrobe sorted!

I have been a Mum now for almost 17 years and it really is time for me to start giving to myself, appreciating what I am and have and look after myself a bit more. The baby days are gone and the little ones are becoming more and more independent and I am able to start to squeeze a little time out for myself every now and then.


I’m going to start taking shopping trips to town, something that I haven’t done for myself in years, I always shy away from shops and order from the Internet, while this does have lots of advantages I don’t think there is anything better than going and trying things on before you buy them. Last time I went shopping it was for a wedding and I had an appointment with a personal shopper, that was a really brilliant experience so maybe I should do that again as it really helped me to see what looked good on me!

I’m getting really excited just thinking about it, I used to love getting the bus home with lots of shopping bags and then spilling the contents on to the living room floor to show off my purchases!! Yes this is really what I need to do – start being ME again and not just Mum! Not that I don’t love my kids to infinity and beyond (you all know that, right?) they have been my absolute everything for the last 17 years… it’s OK to want me back, isn’t it?

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  • Reply Kara September 16, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Yippee this pleases me, I so wish we could have a shopping trip together

  • Reply Would like o be a yummy mummy September 14, 2013 at 8:42 am

    That is exciting. with my Husband away alot at the moment I don’t get the chance to go shopping alone but ordered a few new bits on the Internet, got back on my cross trainer & trying to plan a hair cut. Want to feel like me again too. Have fun x

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