Posted on July 1, 2013

Three Great Children’s Books.

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A few weeks ago the lovely people at Penguin Books sent me a few children’s books that they have recently published. We cannot get enough of books in our house so we always jump at the chance to review new ones, especially for the kids! They spend hours looking at books and reading stories!

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Charlie and Lola: My Doodling and Colouring-In Book

The first one I want to tell you about is Charlie and Lola: My Doodling and Colouring-In Book – I first thought this might be a bit young for Boo but as she still enjoys watching Charlie and Lola and she just loves to draw, doodle and colour I thought I’d give it a shot anyway! It is quite a simple book with lots of places for you to draw something and lots of colouring in to be done, there are also lots of questions to get children thinking, which I love! Boo has spent hours so far with this book and she still has lots more to do! I would highly recommend this book for any Charlie and Lola fan!

I'm Ready for Phonics!

I’m Ready for Phonics!

I’’m Ready for Phonics: Say the Sounds is a lovely big hard back book with lots of big bright  illustrations! Bugs finds this book so interesting as there is so much to look at and so many new words to say and learn! This definitely is a great book for pre-school children. Each page contains a letter, with lots of pictures of things beginning with that letter and also lots of words and sentences containing words with the letter!

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly: Please and Thank You

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly: Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You: A Pirate Pete and Princess Polly book  – We are already big fans of Pirate Pete and Princess Polly and this book hasn’t let us down, Join Pete & Polly as they learn all about saying please and thank you. The sound button is to cheer them on along the way… I find this rather annoying, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just pressed once for every page but Bugs insists on pressing it the whole time I’m reading it! So why not buy it for a child whose parents you don’t like *wink* No seriously it is slightly annoying but the kids love it and that’s all that matters right!

You can check out all of these books and all the other wonderful books published by Penguin Books over on their website…

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