Posted on February 25, 2015

The Wool Room Bedding Review


Bugs was recently sent some new bedding from The Wool Room to try out. I had never actually heard of duvets and pillows containing wool filling before so was very intrigued to try it out especially as it has the seal of approval from The British Allergy Foundation.

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The Wool Room sells luxury wool bedding made from the finest British wool, which is scientifically proven to improve sleep quality. In fact, research suggests wool bedding can help provide up to 25% more stage four regenerative sleep. This means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the day.

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Bugs was sent a Deluxe Single Duvet, Deluxe Wool Pillow and a Mattress Protector, they all arrived in a their own bag. I wasn’t sure what to expect as when I think of wool I’ve always thought of itchy scratchy blankets that we used to have to use when we were kids but I couldn’t have been more wrong. All of the bedding is fantastic quality! The mattress protector is a perfect fit, it’s also quite padded too which makes for a cosy nights sleep.

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On unzipping the pillow I found lots of lovely wool, for a soft pillow you can pull the clusters apart to add air which will plump it up or if you prefer a flatter pillow you can just remove some of the wool alternatively you can buy extra wool to make it firmer.

The Wool Room’s range of wool bedding is the only proven natural hypoallergenic bedding option on the market. Scientific testing over a period of six weeks has shown that dust mites,cannot survive in wool which is why our range has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Great for those with asthma and allergies with no need to wash at 60 degrees or freeze your bedding to stay allergy free.

The duvet is a perfect single size and fits all Bugs’ duvet covers perfectly, it is quite firm and doesn’t clump at all which is brilliant after the last duvet he had. The wool layer is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern. Bugs moves about a lot in the night and his duvet would normally be on the floor in the morning with most of its stuffing at one end but with his new wool duvet he is always still covered up in the morning. I swear he has been sleeping better since we changed all his bedding to wool so I am a much happier Mummy because of that!

Photo 29-01-2015 21 47 24

Bugs really seems to be enjoying his new bedding. Doesn’t he look adorable when he’s asleep 😉

I love that I can machine wash all his new bedding, just put it in the washing machine on the wool cycle using wool detergent and line dry. Having small children this is a necessity for me as I have to wash their bedding quite often due to accidents and illness.

I’m really pleased with his new bedding and will be looking at changing Boo’s bedding to wool soon too!

If I haven’t convinced you then read 5 reasons to buy wool bedding 🙂

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  • Reply Hellie's Corner March 3, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    I’ve never heard of wool bedding before, I bet it’s lovely and warm.

  • Reply Catherine February 26, 2015 at 10:43 am

    I had no idea wool bedding was good for allergy sufferers, off to investigate for my husband!

    Such a cute pic of sleeping little one 🙂

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