Posted on December 20, 2011

The Ultimate Christmas Song

Christmas/ meme/ personal

I’ve been tagged by my rather annoying sister Dawnie at Knees Up Mother Brown to take part in The Ultimate Christmas Song Meme! I hate getting tagged and I hate tagging people but seeing as it’s Christmas I thought I’d shut up whinging and join in the festive fun too ;O)

I love music; but I have music I hate rammed down my throat all the time!! James is always playing music! LOUDLY and it drives me insane! He hates anything I want to play so over our years together I have just stopped listening! That’s a bit shit actually isn’t it! YES! Yes it is!!! I hereby declare that in 2012 I will rediscover music ;O)

Anyway The Ultimate Christmas Song for me has to be…

and I am now tagging Multiple Mummy & Mummy Daddy and Me makes three to do this too! ;O)
Merry Christmas!!

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