Posted on May 20, 2014

The Tom & Jerry Show


Bugs already has quite a collection of Tom & Jerry DVD’s he loves to sit and watch them! I always remember waiting for Tom & Jerry to come on when I was a kid! It was always such fun to watch!

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When we heard that The Tom and Jerry Show is currently airing on Boomerang we were a bit disappointed as we don’t have Boomerang, but we were sent a review disc instead and a couple of other Tom & Jerry goodies 🙂

Tom and Jerry are back! Bringing old friends and making new ones in 26 action packed episodes.

Each 22-minute episode features two individual 11-minute shorts, and will be reminiscent of the family fun that Tom and Jerry have championed for the past 74 years.

Well Bugs wasn’t disappointed with the show, he loves the episodes that are on the disc and will watch them over and over again!

Photo 20-05-2014 09 31 06

He really loved the  toys he was sent too! Firstly there is The Tom Bomb, you sit Tom in the rocket and then take it in turns to insert keys into the rocket, the winner is the person who shoots Tom to the stars!

Then there is this cute little Jerry riding a tractor/mower! Bugs loves zooming this around the place!

Photo 20-05-2014 09 31 46

If you have a little Tom and Jerry fan then make sure you catch them on Boomerang!

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  • Reply Kim Carberry May 21, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    My girls watch it now and again….I try and tell them I used to watch it as a child too but they don’t seem to believe me….lol

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