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The One with the Potty Training

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Another great Potty Training guest post on the blog today written by the lovely Georgy from Random Thoughts from a Random Woman – please make her feel welcome and leave a comment and if you like Georgy’s writing then you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks Georgy for a great post! Hope the potty training continues to go well x

Photo belongs to This Mummy Loves...

Photo belongs to This Mummy Loves…

We have been trying to potty train the boy for some time now. I had been asked from about 18 months when we were going to do it but we thought this was far too early to consider it. I’d heard stories of children who were potty trained at that age only to regress back to a multitude of accidents later. I figured that as potty training was one of the things I dreaded most about having children I only wanted to go through it once, so 2 years old was the earliest we were ever going to try.

The boy is now 3 and we haven’t got a great deal further. Every time we made any headway something happened to put us back like an illness or the time he was running around with no nappy & doing really well when he lashed out at his little friend who’d come for tea. The resulting telling off meant he lost all control and promptly weed an afternoons full bladder all over the floor. Poor little mite was then so confused at what the telling off was for he refused to use the potty again for weeks. No doubt for fear of getting it wrong again. I don’t need to tell you how awful I felt and what a bad mother I thought I was, but how do you explain to a toddler I’m telling you off for that, not this, especially one with the three second memory of a goldfish.

The boy is also a “proper boy”, high spirited, hurtles at play at 100 miles per hour but essentially lazy. I love him dearly but if he had his way I’d spoon feed him all his meals and he’d spend all day in his own filth. And therein lies the trouble. When I read about potty training, and believe me I’ve read a lot, all the advice says that the child will start to not like the sensation of being in a dirty nappy. Not the boy. Happy as a pig in the proverbial he is. Doesn’t bother him at all.

We first tried last year in the spring and summer, after his 2nd birthday. He wasn’t keen. You could tell. He just wasn’t ready. We’d read Pirate Pete’s Potty book and he’d say all the words with me. I’d take off his nappy, position the potty in the centre of the room and ask

“When you need a wee wee or a poo poo where do you go?”

“On the potty.” Would come the cute and compliant reply.

He’d then promptly wee all over the laminate and curl one out on the carpet!

So we stopped when the winter came, as we were getting no where, he was getting stressed and I remembered the health visitor said, at his 2 year check, not to even bother trying until he was 3. It was just that all his little NCT contemporaries were done. Not only potty trained but going to the big boy/girl toilet on their own and here was my boy still in Pampers. No one put me under any pressure but I felt it anyway. You can’t help it. As soon as you have children the Mum fairies come in the night and sprinkle guilt dust all over your forehead.

Recently the boy turned 3 but he has had quite a long spell in hospital with an abscess on his neck so we are only now returning to normal and have re-introduced no nappy time in the mornings and before bed. That way he can get the sensation of needing to go without the dulling effect of a massive nappy round his bits.

And this time, By George! I think he’s got it. In fact this weekend we have had a major break through. Four big wee wees on the potty on Easter Sunday alone and hardly any accidents (is it just me or do boys “dribble” a lot?). I’m having to reward with chocolate but hey I figured its Easter he’d be eating chocolate anyway so why not use the vast stocks we have accumulated  to our own advantage.

So I’ve got the reward chart, stickers and chocolate buttons out and the nappies off. If the boy can crack it then so can I. I just might need to pinch some of his chocolate supplies myself to keep me going.


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  • Reply Jane Brown May 3, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    Sorry this post is so late but I am way behind on my emails! I am a firm believer in leaving it as late as possible with the potty training, particularly if they are not showing any signs of being ready. I started with my son a couple of weeks ago, he being 3 years 4 months of age and within a couple of days he had cracked it. By the end of the week there was 100% success rate, even with poos. Most of the people I have spoken to who have left it late have been pleased with the rapid progress made.

  • Reply The One with "The One With the Potty Training" Guest Post « About Baby Potty Training May 1, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    […] trying to potty train the boy on and off now for quite some time with limited success. The weekend I wrote this as my guest blog post we’d had a breakthrough and I thought all was going […]

  • Reply mrs sock April 23, 2013 at 2:06 am

    What an honest post. Thank you. I’m sure he will get there in his own time xx

    • Reply Random Woman April 27, 2013 at 7:48 am

      Thank you. yes lets hope so. We are doing no nappy time as I type! I’ve just written an update on my own blog about it all too.

  • Reply Random Woman April 22, 2013 at 10:12 am

    It was a great pleasure writing this blog post. Thank you for having me on your blog as a guest and I hope everyone enjoys my random ramblings.

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