Posted on January 6, 2014

The London Eye

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In between Christmas and the New Year we went down to London for the day, we have been wanting to do this for some time now and things just fell in to place for us so we took off with the two little ones on the early train (7.30am) for the day.

The lovely people at Superbreak treated us to tickets for the London Eye so we were really excited about that; me and James have been on it before but we were really looking forward to letting the kids experience it.

London Eye

Boo at the top on the London Eye

I booked our tickets for a specific date through Superbreak and they then sent me an email with all the details, including a phone number which I had to phone to book a time slot. Phoning was quick and simple and I was given a reference number that I had to exchange for our tickets 30 minutes before our flight.

When we arrived Boo and Bugs both said they were scared and didn’t want to go on LOL thank fully with a bit of encouragement 😉 we managed to talk them round!

We were booked for the first flight on the day at 10am so we had to go to the ticket office 30 minutes before that to get our tickets – that couldn’t have been easier, I just handed my email print out and the nice lady gave me three tickets… Bugs didn’t need one as he is under 5!

We then went to get in the queue, it was quite busy already but we didn’t have long to wait as they started to load people on to the London Eye around 9.45am so ten minutes in the queue and we were in our pod with quite a lot of other people. I’m not really sure how many there were but I’d say 20+ and it was quite hard at times to get near the front to be able to see. People were quite rude unfortunately and we didn’t really get to look at the screens which told you about the buildings etc.

The London Eye

Bugs looking out over London

There is also a chance for a photo opportunity which we didn’t get to have because some other families happened to get on the ‘photo zones’ this was really disappointing as always like to collect ‘family photos’ from our days out.

However the kids really enjoyed it and loved being able to see London from the sky! It is well worth a trip and was enjoyable even though it was busy…

I’d advise trying to go at a quieter time though to get the best out of your flight. When James & I went a good few years ago we were on with just 1 other couple and it was really lovely, we were really lucky that day!

I will definitely go back when the kids are a few years older as it is such a lovely experience 🙂

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