Posted on November 26, 2012

The Christmas Pinch…


It’s that time of year again when everyone starts feeling the pinch of Christmas. So many people to buy for, so much pressure for it to be the perfect Christmas – Yet again! I am not so good at saving money throughout the year so am always looking to make great savings on products that I purchase! I don’t have a credit card we just set ourselves a budget and work to that each year. We may not be able to buy everything that we would like to buy but we don’t go without and the kids always have a fab time!

I do most of my shopping online and usually make a list and stick to it – always searching for the best web deals. It makes me feel bad at times that I am not supporting local businesses or small online businesses but seriously why should I pay £10 more for something when I don’t have to? If I do find that a smaller business is almost similar cost to larger retailers then I will always buy from the smaller; just because I know how difficult it is in this current climate to make a business a success!

I started thinking that maybe we should make some gifts this year to save money and give people a more special personal gift. Do you think people appreciate these types of gifts or are you just seen as tight? I love to receive things that are hand-made especially from children. The calendars that Boo makes at school with her handprints and a poem on are my most treasured possessions ever and I will treasure them always!

So I ask you –

How do you manage to afford Christmas every year?
Do you spend more in some areas and miss out on others?
Do you give and receive hand-made gifts?
Do you/they appreciate them?

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