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Posted on May 22, 2012

Smart Trike Zoo, 3 in 1 Review

Review/ Toddlers

Bugs was sent a Smart Trike Z00 3 in 1 recently to review and we have been putting it to the test over the last few weeks. We have been sent the Dolphin but they are also available in Butterfly, Frog, Cow, Gala and Ladybug!

It may have been quicker if I’d have assembled  it myself as I would have read the instructions. As it happens Daddy who knows everything put it together whilst I was at work. He said it was really easy and took him about 40 minutes because he had to go back and start over as he had put something on upside down 😉 Once he got the instructions out he was fine and soon had it put together.

I got home to Daddy praising the smart trike, saying how fantastic it is. They had been out in the park for the afternoon and  Bugs had loved his first outing on it, he didn’t let go of the phone the whole time they were out apparently 🙂

It was getting to be such a chore putting Bugs in his pushchair when we needed to go out, he would throw such a tantrum and tense himself so you couldn’t get him in. So it’s brilliant now that we have the Smart Trike as he gets on as soon as you ask him. We use it instead of a pushchair for most circumstances now; On the school run twice a day, to the shops, the park. We even take it in the car when we go shopping as Bugs is so much happier on his trike than in his pushchair.

The trike is incredibly easy to push and has really light steering so it is just a joy to use! The handle height is adjustable which makes it even better.

The little bag is so handy for putting house keys, purse, nappy etc in for when you don’t need to take a big bag out with you and there is also the little bucket at the back which holds things too. Bugs adores the toy phone and always has a drink at hand in the handy drinks holder at the front.

We love the Smart Trike and would happily recommend to anyone with a child age 10 months + For more information see the Smart Trike website

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