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Posted on November 29, 2012

Sanctuary Spa: Winter Facial In – A – Box

Beauty/ Review

I was recently sent the Winter Facial In – A – Box from Sanctuary Spa to review.  I really love Sanctuary Spa and it’s always nice to get a bit of something for me!

Winter Facial in a Box

The winter facial in – a – box contains:

Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser 15ml

Muslin Cloth

5 Min Detox Sachet 15ml ( although in mine was a Moisture Boosting Mask that you leave on for 10 mins so not sure if this was a mistake)

Lift & Brighten Eye 5ml

Radiance Exfoliator 15ml

Stop the Clock 15ml

Firming Youth Serum

Winter Facial in a Box Contents Step by Step Guide
Up Close

The set comes with a detailed step by step guide of how to do the facial and it is really lovely and leaves your skin feeling AMAZING but obviously it is never going to be as relaxing as going to a spa for a facial as you have to keep getting up to rinse etc – the best way I found is to run a deep hot bath surrounded by candles and submerge yourself into that and do it there! Also make sure the kids are either out, asleep or have someone responsible enough to watch them for a goof 30 minutes because you really do not want to be disturbed!

The Sanctuary Spa Winter Facial In – A – Box is £20.00 and worth every penny; even better when you can get it in certain stores for 3 for 2 😉

Posted on May 29, 2012

Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue Review from Inspiration Works

Guest review/ Review/ Toddlers

Hi, it’s Dawnie Brown here again and putting on my guest reviewer hat! Don’t forget you can also find me over at my own blog Knees Up Mother Brown (cheeky plug there but I don’t think my sister will notice 😉 )

We’ve recently been sent a Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue toy for MissB to review. We love reviewing toys and with MissB now starting to get to grip with letters, I thought this would be a great product for her current age 🙂 Especially as she currently loves fire engines!


Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue teaches children letters, phonics and numbers. It has 5 game modes to choose from it features sound effects, music and character voices.

I’m currently trying to get to grips with phonics, it’s all changed since I was at school and we just learnt the alphabet and so any toy which helps me to teach phonics to MissB is a bonus. As well as a straight forward press the letter and it tells you what it is, there is also a search game. This is good although some of the words are a bit beyond MissB at the moment, for instant Venus? There are also games that help to develop spelling and that teach you what letters come before and after each other in the alphabet. There is also a game which is just music which MasterB loves when he can actually prise the fire engine out of MissB’s grasp 😉


With toys like this I think it’s better to do a quick video to show you more about what it sounds like and what it does, so I’ve done one for you below 🙂

So what do we think of the toy? Well MissB and MasterB enjoy playing with it, which is always the first test. From a parents point of view I love the games and that it helps me to teach phonics to MissB though I do find the noise gets a little annoying after a while 🙂

You can buy the Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue in various toyshops, I found it selling on Amazon for just under £17 which is not a bad price for the hours of entertainment it provides 🙂

Posted on May 21, 2012

New Peacock ghd’s Review

Review/ Yummy Mummy

I received a pair of the new Peacock ghd classic gold stylers a couple of weeks ago to review from the lovely people at Regis Salons, You cannot know how happy this made me (I’m sure you do if you’re female) I did actually squeal when they arrived! I was sent the beautiful green ones, they come packaged in a gorgeous peacock design box and the stylers are presented in a embroided heat resistant roll bag. The plates are green and they look so stylish!  They are so simple to operate; just plug them in, wait for the beep and they’re ready to use. They heat in seconds! I couldn’t believe quite how fast they actually. They also have a sleep mode; (incredibly useful if you’re forgetful like me)  they switch themselves off if they haven’t been used for 30 minutes.

I have incredibly straight hair but it is quite frizzy so I always straighten in after I wash it to give it a smooth look.  So far this is what I have used them for and they are brilliant!  I have been watching the video below and am going to try and create some curls – although I think I will practise on Boo first 😉 It’s so much easier to do someone else’s hair than your own dont you think? She makes it look so easy in the video; I wondered how I will find it, I’m quite useless when it come to hair to be honest! Anyway as far as straightening hair these are perfect! I’ll report back with photos very soon of my attempts at curling 😉

The Peacock ghd stylers are available at selected Regis Salons for £119.00

Posted on May 17, 2012

XTI Girls Shoes Review

Review/ Trendy Kids

Boo was sent a pair of XTI kids ballet pump style shoes recently from Mrs Marcos;  those of you who follow my blog will know how excited Boo was about this as she has a huge love for shoes, clothes, jewellery and anything girlie really 😉 The shoes are beautiful, really well made and at £27 are very reasonable! All girls will love these as they are pink, flowery and have a gorgeous bow! I have had lots of ladies asking they do them in adult sizes! I certainly would love a pair :O)

Boo loves to wear them with her jeans or her favourite party dress, she would wear them for school if she could but I won’t let her 😉 They have a chunky rubber sole so it does actually feel like you are wearing a shoe not like some of the cheap versions of ballet pumps! Perfect party shoes for a pretty little princess 🙂

Mrs Marcos have a fab selection of shoes for  men, women & kids all with free next day delivery.

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