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Posted on October 13, 2012

Pretty Nails

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I had gel overlays done a couple of weeks ago in time for my trip to the Mad Blog Awards and I really love them! Until my mid twenties I always bit my nails and then when I stopped I took great care of them for ages but with two little ones running around I just found it so hard to make myself stop and do them, well now Maxwell goes to playschool a two mornings a week I suddenly have a few hours free so I thought I would treat myself – having nice nails makes me feel so much nicer and more feminine!

My nails!

I’ve never had gel nails before, I had acrylics about 13 years ago but other than that I have always just done my own (or not) – So I’m having my in-fills done on Thursday and I’ve been looking around on Pinterest for some ideas! There is some really AMAZING nail art out there but I much prefer the more natural looking!

Nails by mummy-loves


There are so many really pretty ways to do your nails nowadays and I really love all of the above! Do you have a favourite? I think mine is the middle one 🙂


I’ll take a photo as soon as I have had them done to show you what I decide on xx


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