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Posted on May 29, 2012

Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue Review from Inspiration Works

Guest review/ Review/ Toddlers

Hi, it’s Dawnie Brown here again and putting on my guest reviewer hat! Don’t forget you can also find me over at my own blog Knees Up Mother Brown (cheeky plug there but I don’t think my sister will notice 😉 )

We’ve recently been sent a Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue toy for MissB to review. We love reviewing toys and with MissB now starting to get to grip with letters, I thought this would be a great product for her current age 🙂 Especially as she currently loves fire engines!


Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue teaches children letters, phonics and numbers. It has 5 game modes to choose from it features sound effects, music and character voices.

I’m currently trying to get to grips with phonics, it’s all changed since I was at school and we just learnt the alphabet and so any toy which helps me to teach phonics to MissB is a bonus. As well as a straight forward press the letter and it tells you what it is, there is also a search game. This is good although some of the words are a bit beyond MissB at the moment, for instant Venus? There are also games that help to develop spelling and that teach you what letters come before and after each other in the alphabet. There is also a game which is just music which MasterB loves when he can actually prise the fire engine out of MissB’s grasp 😉


With toys like this I think it’s better to do a quick video to show you more about what it sounds like and what it does, so I’ve done one for you below 🙂

So what do we think of the toy? Well MissB and MasterB enjoy playing with it, which is always the first test. From a parents point of view I love the games and that it helps me to teach phonics to MissB though I do find the noise gets a little annoying after a while 🙂

You can buy the Fireman Sam Jupiter Alphabet Rescue in various toyshops, I found it selling on Amazon for just under £17 which is not a bad price for the hours of entertainment it provides 🙂

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