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Summer Essentials 2019

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Disclosure: The products that are featured in this collection of summer essentials were sent for inclusion – as always all opinions are my own and I wouldn’t include something that I don’t personally love.

This week I’ve been super busy finding a whole array of products that are essential for this summer. From weighing scales to picnic goodies I’m sure that there is something in this post that you will find useful this summer!

I’ve been after some new scales for a while now so was really happy to be sent the eufy Smart Scale and even happier when I checked the app and they told me my body age age was just 33… especially after they added 3 years on to James’ age 😉 Seriously though these scales are incredible, not only do they look super stylish and tell you how much you weigh but once paired with the eufy life app they give you all kinds of information about your body, such as weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. You can also add up to 16 users on the app so you can track the whole family. If you are looking for some new scales then I can highly recommend the eufy Smart Scales.

We’ve been trying out the Soundcore Icon mini by Anker for a few weeks now, well I say we… I’ve barely been able to get my hands on it! It seems the 12 year old has claimed it as her own and carries it everywhere she goes. It’s not too big or heavy so can be taken virtually anywhere. It’s also waterproof so it is perfect for the pool or the beach this summer! Once charged it lasts for up to 8 hours and the sound quality is just fantastic! We love it so much we have just ordered another one to take on our summer holidays.

I was sent the Hippychick Travel Pillow a few months ago now and it has been one of the best things ever I have received to review. It has been to hotels with me, glamping, on long car & train journeys and it is the comfiest pillow I have ever slept on! You can Get 20% off the Hippychick Travel Pillow using code TRAVEL20 (expires 30th June 2019) over on the Hippychick website.

A few years ago I was introduced to sunscreen using zinc while we were in the US and it was amazing. I’ve not been able to get my hands on any since I ran out of the supply that I bought so when MooGoo got in touch with me to tell me about their sun protection I was over the moon. I will never use anything else now! MooGoo sun safety products are brilliant, perfect for our sensitive skin. They have so many more products that I want to try to… I think this just may be my favourite new (to me) brand!

We all know that UVA and UVB sun rays damage skin. What’s not so well- known is a third type of harmful ray called High Energy Visible Light (HEVL). HEVL are basically rays produced by daylight, whether it’s sunny or just light, these harmful rays can damage exposed skin. Although HEVL is a less well-known ray, it’s an important one as it causes as much damage as UVA and UVB combined together. Some sunglasses now protect against it. HEVL is a light non-greasy face cream with a skin-coloured tint. FREE from MI, SLS, parabens and perfumes it costs £19.95 for 50ml and is available exclusively from Skin Shop.

Once squeezed Mosquitan Mosquito Patches last for up to six hours. DEET-free and suitable for all ages, the patches use a patented ‘stick and squeeze’ delivery system to help keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. And because they do not need to be applied to the skin, they provide a natural alternative that’s safe to use for the whole family. They cost £7.95 for 24 patches and are available from

Zap-It! is a small handheld piezo device, it generates a harmless (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low, electrical impulse when ‘clicked’ against a bite. These ‘zaps’, created by crystals, work to reduce histamine flow and stimulate capillaries into flushing out toxins, thereby stopping the urge to itch and scratch. Zap-It! can be used on up to 1,000 bites! Available from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, Asda, Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug, and retails from £5.95.

Oat Soak is an excellent product for helping you soothe itchy skin before bed. Used regularly it will help soothe irritated, itchy skin and restore moisture and smoothness to dry, flaky or scaly skin. Leave Oat Soak in the bath water for up to 10 minutes before getting in, then soak in the oat water until skin feels soothed and smooth.OatSoak bath sachets are made from pure colloidal oats, which are a finer form of oats that can remain suspended in the water, making Oat Soak pleasant to soak in and easy to wash away with your bath water much like any other bath product.  Oat Soak costs £1.95 per treatment or £9.95 for x 10 Available from

Excilor’s Wart & Verruca 2 in 1 treatment offers fast and effective action in just 5 days. Bugs has suffered with verruca’s for a while now so we decided to give this a try and the results were great. He is now verruca free and is happy to be able to do PE in his bare feet again! The 2 in 1 treatment works on the wart/verruca both from the inside-out, using cryo treatment, and from the outside-in using a gel solution. This way, the thickened skin and its causative virus are removed, so healthy new skin can appear.

I am loving these Chia Seed Oil products from Natural World. This lightweight and shine enhancing range doesn’t weigh your hair down and leaves it feeling naturally boosted and glossy. Packed with hair-volumising proteins, antioxidants and omega-3, lifeless and fine hair is uplifted and feels lighter. My hair is so fine and after using these for a couple of weeks it feels lovely and full of volume.

These Stib mini colouring pencils are perfect for travelling or just putting in your handbag incase the kids get a bit bored while you’re out and about this summer. The adorable little tube contains 10 inspirational mini colouring pencils, a sharpener and 12 specially designed perforated colouring templates featuring the brand’s exclusive Stibler characters alongside fun games and quotes. Each of the 10 colouring pencils have a ‘positive, inspirational’ word embossed on them. These words have all been matched with an animal character, that together form The Stiblers.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Manuka Honey Balm is your multi-tasking must have in a tube. It’s great for sunburn, bug bites, scrapes and cuts and it is low in para-cymene content to minimise skin irritation and does not sting – so it’s perfect for kids and all their little bumps and grazes! A must have for your travel bag this year! 100% pure Tea Tree oil is a naturally sources antiseptic, while Manuka Honey provides a moist, low pH environment to promote wound healing. It’s available from Boots for £9.99 for a 30g tube.

Looking for the perfect little cake for your picnic hamper, then look no further than these OGGS cakes! These are egg and dairy free making them vegan friendly but that doesn’t compromise their taste whatsoever! They are deliciously light and spongey! The salted caramel and zesty lemon were the big favourites in our house! OGGS cakes will be launching in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s this June so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

Fairfield Crisps sent us a selection of their delicious crisps to try… a packet of cheese & onion crisps may have been consumed before this photo was taken as we just couldn’t wait to try them! Crisps are my thing and these are really really good crisps! Absolutely perfect for your picnic baskets this summer!

I have never even thought to try other ketchup brands before as the one we were brought up on was the one that I have always gone to but since having tried these two from Real Good Ketchup I am converted! If you are having a barbecue this summer make sure you put some Real Good Ketchup on your burger! You won’t regret it!

Have an amazing summer!

* Featured Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash

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  • Reply Stephanie June 10, 2019 at 10:01 am

    Oh I think I’m going to try that real Ketchup, I’ve always stuck with the same brand and don’t like many others.

  • Reply Kelly-Anne June 10, 2019 at 7:02 am

    I’m in love with the name of the suncream moo goo, In all seriousness it’s actually probably one the most important products in your summer essential list.

  • Reply Vanessa June 8, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Quite like the idea of the Zap it! Will likely need one on our travels this summer

  • Reply Bec Jones June 8, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    I definitely need some Zap it – I have a bad reaction to mozzies. I like the look of the SoundCloud too – thanks for all the suggestions.

  • Reply Mandi Morrison June 8, 2019 at 8:07 am

    Great travel essentials. I need anything that repels mosquitos, I get bitten to pieces!

  • Reply Claire June 7, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    These all look great! I’m obsessed with chia seeds at the minute!

    The pillow looks super comfy, I can see that being a must for camping!

  • Reply Fran Back With A Bump June 7, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    These are great picks! The oggs look and sound delicious!! The ketchups look fab bbq essentials too!

  • Reply OddHogg June 7, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    I love the look of that travel pillow! I hate when you go and stay somewhere and the pillows are rubbish, such a good idea to have our own to take.

  • Reply Lyndsey O'Halloran June 7, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    We love Zap It! I ended up with loads of bites last year and that really helped.

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