Posted on July 9, 2014

Sparkup: The Magical Book Reader


My kids received Sparkup The Magical Book Reader a few weeks ago and have absolutely loved it! Bugs is totally mesmerised with it and can’t believe how I can get my voice inside it! LOL It’s fantastic for when Daddy goes away with work, he records their favourite stories before he goes and then while he is away he can still ‘read’ them a story! It really is fab for that; if you have family who don’t live so close by… just get them to record a story when they do visit and the kids will always have them their to read a story 😉

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A revolutionary new way to engage children in reading, Sparkup brings families together to experience the magic of reading aloud.

Using a tiny camera as its “eye”, and a tiny computer chip as its “brain”, Sparkup simply clips onto any picture book and reads it aloud in your voice. You can record the book yourself, in any language, adding your personal touches or download professionally recorded stories complete with music and sound effects, directly from the Sparkup website. While recording, Sparkup’s tiny camera takes a picture of the book’s cover and each page so that when a child connects Sparkup to the book, Sparkup immediately recognizes the front cover. Following the child’s own reading pace, Sparkup reads the story aloud as he or she turns the pages, even out of order.

Missing Grandpa, Dad, Aunty? Any friend or relative can record their own voice onto Sparkup so that if they aren’t around a child can listen again to them reading the story aloud. Building a 3D magical world around every story, Sparkup ignites the child’s imagination using sound effects and music, building the child’s confidence in their reading, and taking them away from screen-based reading.

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Sparkup is really easy to use. You just clip it over the back page of the book in the centre and press the button to begin recording whilst the little camera scans the page. If the book is already recorded Sparkup starts to read it! I find it really incredible actually… if the kids miss a page Sparkup skips the page too! You can also connect Sparkup to your PC to save recordings, download stories etc

We really do love this product, I would never use it to replace storytime as that is far too important! We spend such a lot of time reading to each other in this house but Sparkup can only enhance that for us! Sparkup is so versatile because you can use it with any book that you choose! The kids have set me a huge pile to one side to record for them and they have some that they want to take to their Grandparents when we visit too!

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Sparkup can store up to 250 minutes of audio, or approximately 50 recorded storybooks.

Sparkup is designed for young readers of all ages and will be available in leading retailers nationwide from July 2014 priced around £49.99. Complete with batteries, USB cable and demo book.

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  • Reply thebeesleybuzz July 9, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    So glad you are enjoying the sparkup – We loved ours too, Miss T seems to think the person reading the story can hear her so she always asks for ‘more’ at the end of the story.

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