Posted on October 18, 2013

Sodastream Source Review


A few weeks ago we were sent a White Metal Edition Sodastream Source to review… you have no idea how excited *I* was about this! We used to have a Sodastream when Lero was little but we never used it again after the gas ran out, we didn’t have any money back then so buying any kind of fizzy drinks was expense to us, all the money went on the rent and bills so getting one of the new Sodastream’s really made my day!

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Firstly I have to say the look of the new Sodastreams are so much better than they used to be! You can get them in so many styles now that there is sure to be one that will suit everyone! The white metal edition is gorgeous and would fit in perfectly in a very clean, stylish kitchen! I’m actually of the opinion that every home should have a Sodastream now! Think of all the plastic that would be saved!

By opting to use SodaStream it is estimated you will save the environment from around 1,000 bottles and cans over 1 year, so you can help to rid the world of plastic bottles.

Included in the box is the Sodastream Source, a gas canister, a one carbonating bottle and 9 flavour samples. Setting the machine up is very simple following the instructions given… we were set up and ready to go ten minutes after it had been delivered! I was like an excited child at Christmas 😉

Sodastream Source is really simple to use; you just fill the carbonating bottle to the line with tap water, just lock the bottom in place and then press to create bubbles! There are three levels of carbonation so you can be sure to get the amount of fizziness that you prefer!

Along with our machine we were also sent a bottle of Pink Grapefruit Soda Mix and so far this is by far our favourite flavour, I actually ordered another bottle yesterday along with this cocktail flavour bundle (PARTY!!!) and some kids orange and peach that I thought would be nice for the kids to try as it is  made from only naturally sourced ingredients and is 100% free from artificial flavours; artificial colours and artificial sweeteners and does not contain any preservatives. The kids had never heard of a Sodastream before so when it arrived they had no idea what to expect but they soon joined in my excitement when they saw what it could do!

I’m really looking forward to getting our cocktails pack, you just have to add spirits to the mix once made up so that will be fab for when the girls come round. While I’m waiting for my pack though I’m going to try this Mint & Red Berry Fizz cocktail created by Sodastream as it sounds delicious!

The Mint & Red Berry Fizz is made with Gin, the come-back spirit, and creates the perfect festive SodaStream cocktail for those with a more fruity-pallet

40ml                    Gin

20ml                    Lime juice

20ml                    Raspberry puree

20ml                    Sugar syrup

To finish top up with extra fizzy SodaStream Cranberry & Raspberry soda

Garnish: mint sprig

Sodastream can be bought in many different styles, I was sent the White Metal Source to review which retails at £129.99 – we love ours and am sure you will too!

Who else has a Sodastream? What do you create with yours?

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