Posted on August 21, 2013

Snugg iPad 1 Case Review


A couple of weeks ago I received a Snugg iPad 1 Case to review. My iPad is still the first version and the case I had was looking a little worse for wear so I opted for a gorgeous baby blue leather one!

Photo 16-08-2013 10 56 54

I am so pleased with my new iPad case! It’s such a gorgeous colour, the case is really well made. The interior is lovely soft nubuck but it is also very light so make sure who ever is using the iPad has clean hands if you purchase one because mine has now got chocolate fingerprints on it!

The built in stand works really well and doesn’t slip my old one used to, makes it perfect for when I’m using my iPad as a recipe book in the kitchen or the kids are watching a movie.

Photo 16-08-2013 10 57 27

The Snugg Baby Blue iPad 1 case, comes with a matching pale blue nubuck interior. This case is guaranteed to fit your iPad 1 perfectly and we give our promise of high standard manufacture and materials for the duration of its lifetime. The exterior is a PU leather finish which is easy to clean, protects from scratches and is extremely hard waring.

Photo 16-08-2013 10 59 15

We’ve included great additions like a Stylus Loop that can be slipped into the back of the case when it’s not holding your 2 in 1 Stylus. The sleep/wake function of our iPad 1 case helps to improve the life of your battery – the magnetic cover wakes your iPad when it’s open, and puts it into sleep mode when it’s closed, clever right?!

The built-in stand allows you to choose between two alternative positions. It’s strong and steady in either the upright, film watching position or the laid back, game playing, typing angle. Because the stand is created by the cover, no bulk or weight is added to the case, but the stand is still solid and extremely effective.

Photo 16-08-2013 10 59 51

This case is available at The Snugg for just £34.99 which I think is very good value for money. They also offer cases for many tablets, smartphones and kindles so check them out 🙂

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