Posted on August 24, 2011

Scosche backSTAGE iPad case Review


The backSTAGE iPad headrest mount makes it possible to secure an iPad to the back of any standard car headrest, the backSTAGE allows passengers to watch movies, listen to music, play games and take advantage of apps whilst travelling by car.  Compatible with all versions of the iPad, the backSTAGE is the perfect accessory for those long and tedious car journeys. It is ideal for keeping the kids quiet by showing the latest Disney film, or for enabling colleagues to continue to work on an important presentation. A Velcro attachment allows users to install and remove the case with ease while the wide adjustable strap on the back winds around the headrest holding the backSTAGE in place. Cutouts in the case provide full access to all the iPad’s controls and ports.  Manufactured from a netted PVC material, the backSTAGE provides superior protection to the iPad and could also be used as a standalone case. An integrated mesh pocket is perfect for holding small accessories including earphones and a charging cable. With no film covering the screen, users are free to swipe and scroll as normal. Additionally, the included anti-glare screen protector can be applied to the front of the iPad, protecting against scratches, dust and dirt and reducing light reflection and glare which can make it difficult to see the screen. 

Features –
Wide velcro strap easily secures to most headrests
Ballistic nylon material provides superior protection
Mesh pockets provide ideal accessory storage space
Open design allows access to all connection and ports
Includes Anti-Glare screen protector

We received the Backstage ipad Case for review last week! I was over the moon when approached as I had been considering buying Boo a DVD player for the car but this has completely solved that for me! Boo loves to sit and watch her Dora and Peppa Pig films in the bag of the car now :O) The iPad case fits perfectly on the back of the seats in my VW Golf and using the anti-glare screen protector she gets to watch a perfect picture!

I would happily purchase one of these and if I had another iPad I would definitely get another one!!

You can purchase them from for just £28.99 – which I don’t think is too much to pay to keep the kids quite in the back ;O)

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  • Reply ash1866 August 24, 2011 at 9:59 am

    At last, I've been looking for a case to attach the Ipad to the headrests in the car, and was contemplating buying an in-car DVD player but now I shall be purchasing this for Grayson to watch mickey mouse on the long journeys.

    Cool post & the first I've ever read.

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