Posted on February 2, 2011

Rhiannon’s Weaning Experience

Guest post/ weaning

The lovely Rhiannon from Little Tots Baby Shop is here with us today to tell us about her experience weaning – Thank you Rhiannon x

Having already successfully weaned my first child four years previously, I thought this would also be a doddle. My Oldest One was a big eater from the minute she was born at a healthy 8lb 10oz I assumed the same would be true for my Littlest One when she was born at 8lb 15oz, and it was in the main. Littlest One seemed to like everything I gave her from the small selection of baby jars I gave her, except the baby rice which, in my opinion, means she has quite good taste as that stuff is vile in both texture and in taste.

So feeling more than a little smug that I’d successfully managed weaning second time round, I thought I’d be a good mummy and make Littlest One her own baby food from scratch. I spent hours looking on the Internet and in books for recipes that she might like and started buying vegetables I’d only really seen on restaurant menus – butter nut squash, avocado, sweet potato as well as your more run of the mill potato, cauliflower and broccoli. So I set about peeling, steaming, pureeing and freezing little amounts in pots. I rang my husband to tell him of my achievement (he wasn’t quite so impressed). I felt I’d had a really productive day and couldn’t wait to give Littlest One her dinner. I started her off on something simple that a friend advised me of – sweet potato. First mouthful, she pulled a bit of a funny face but it went the right way. I was elated! Second mouthful, she pushed it round her mouth with her tongue for a little while and it eventually went down. By the third mouthful she’d worked out she wasn’t having any of my lovingly prepared home cooked food and started spitting it out.

The following day, I was not to be put off (plus I had a freezer full of mush) so tried her on some cauliflower cheese made with a special pouch of baby cheese sauce. Again, the first mouthful seemed to go down really well, but by mouthful four or five she gagged that much she brought up everything I’d just given her. I was mortified! Was it my cooking??? Now those that know me know that my cooking isn’t the best but surely not much can go wrong with pureeing a little veg!? I persevered but every meal time turned out the same, blowing raspberries in her food, spitting it out, I swear if she knew how, she’d feed it to the cat, but she would not eat my baby food. So after a week, she still hadn’t “got used to it” so I gave in. She now is a very healthy 9 month old who is fed on jars. She eats everything we give her, including cauliflower cheese, that is lovingly prepared by someone in a factory. Or at least I’d like to think they are lovingly prepared! Do I feel guilty? A little but she’s coming on so well and sleeps through the night so I don’t think any mother could complain!

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  • Reply Mrs T February 3, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    haha I can only get my second to eat pureed veg if I give him melted rusk between mouthfuls so he's tricked into eating the veggies!

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