Posted on August 6, 2013

Read it yourself with Ladybird Books

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Ladybird books have come such a long way since I was little. I still have a big collection of the old Ladybird books, including some Read it yourself as you can see in the photo below. Some of them will be a good 40 years old now and have been passed down to me from my older sister Cath, after me they went back to her boys and then came back to me when I had Lero and have stayed with me ever since! They are very well-loved and some are even falling apart but they are firm family favourites!

Photo 06-08-2013 19 17 19

My Ladybird book collection

Anyway when Ladybird got in touch to tell me that the Read it yourself books were being relaunched and would I like to review some I was super excited! The new Read it yourself books are paperback and there are four different levels. Aimed at 4-7 year olds

Photo 24-07-2013 16 52 18

Bugs got some books from Level One including Topsy & Tim, Peppa Pig and Rex the Big Dinosaur. Level one is recommended from age 4 so they are a little advanced for Bugs at the moment but that doesn’t stop us reading them together and he loves looking at the lovely pictures. We love reading in this family and I am always trying the children to pick up a book and I have a feeling that these new Ladybird books are going to be just as well loved as mine! I really love the fact that Ladybird have brought in some recognisable characters; it makes Bugs more eager to look at them.

Photo 24-07-2013 16 52 34

Boo got three books from Level four including Charlie & Lola and Moshi Monsters. This level is aimed at children who are independent and fluent readers. Boo has really enjoyed reading these books and is already trying to encourage me to buy more! At only £3.99-£4.99 I probably will too 😉

Also something that I think is pretty awesome is the Read it yourself with Ladybird app. It comes with four books, one from each of the four different levels: The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Level 1), Pirate School (Level 2), The Elves and the Shoemaker (Level 3), and The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Level 4). To expand the collection, you can purchase additional stories, available for £1.99 each, from the in-app shop.

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