Posted on May 16, 2013

Race for Life!

General Chit Chat

Back in 2011 I ran the Race for Life on my own… This year I’m back and Maisie my 6 yr old daughter is joining me too after begging me so much! I’m really excited to be doing this with Maisie and she is really looking forward to it and I think it’s great for her to experience things like this and for her to understand there are people/causes out there that need our help!

5k is an awful long way for a 6 year old and I know that she won’t be able to run it all; she will want to as she is such a determined little madam and very competitive too! As it has ‘race’ in the title she obviously wants to win! We are trying to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research so we would love it if you could sponsor us! Every penny really does count! Our goal this year is £500 and thanks to Brioche Pasquier we are already over half way there!

Please please please if you can afford anything at all sponsor us today… Maisie & myself will be so very thankful for your support :O)

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