Posted on June 11, 2018

#Project365 – Week Twenty Three

Project 365 [2018]

I really don’t know where the time is going at the moment, life is so busy and I have got so much work and housework to get on with! It’s difficult to know where to start at the moment! I think I need to make some lists to try and focus me a bit better. Working from home is so difficult at times, I’d be much more productive if I actually went to an office each day. I think I might have to start considering renting an office space or something so I don’t have all the clutter of home to deal with.

Day 155 – I got my nails done, new nails day is always one of my favourite days 🙂

Day 156 – A boy and his poo 😉

Day 157 – Boo went on her school residential on Wednesday morning until Friday evening. She had an amazing time and said two nights really wasn’t long enough, she wish they’d stayed for a week. She is so grown up and independent! She’ll be off exploring the world before I know it.

Day 158 – He was such a good boy while Boo was away, in all honesty it was really nice as there was absolutely no bickering and I think it did us all good.

Day 159 – Wine, Pj’s and Grey’s Anatomy. Perfection 💕

Day 160 – These squishy things are so addictive. I think I might have to buy myself some 😂😍💕

Day 161 – Had a lovely walk in the Derbyshire Dales with these two, James and my mum today. It was a bit on the hot side ☀

That’s all for this week. Are you doing #project365 this year? I’d love to connect if you are so please leave a comment so I can come and find you?

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