Posted on June 19, 2017

#Project365 – Week Twenty Four

Project 365 [2017]

Phew! It’s been a long time since I have done three blog posts in one day 😉 At one time it was something I would do nearly everyday now I am lucky to get three done a week! Anyway that is all my project 365 posts all caught up. I need to go and get on with my mountains of washing now… *sigh* thats the worse part of coming back from holiday isn’t it!

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Day 162 – Boo and Daddy sitting waiting for our evening meal. We were having Vietnamese, which was YUMMY!! We’ve had some gorgeous food on our holiday – such a big variety. Love it.

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Day 163 – We had an amazing day at Aqua Nick which is the water park at the Nickelodeon hotel. We met Spongebob, Patrick Star as well as Dora & Boots and spent the day lazing around in the lazy river 🙂

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Day 164 – We had dinner in a really cool space restaurant this evening called the Space Walker. All part of our all inclusive package. It is such a cool place and the food was so good!

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Day 165 – We had amazing weather while were there, I think it rained twice for about 5 minutes the rest of the time it was beautiful.

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Day 166 – Me and James enjoying some time together while the kids went off to kids club for a few hours. We sat and had a drink before going off for an Italian meal together. Pure bliss 🙂

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Day 167 – This was our last evening meal together, we were pretty sad to be leaving the next morning but we did have an absolutely amazing and very relaxing holiday… Now I’m starting to look for places to go next time 🙂

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Day 168 – Little dude sat on the floor while we queued to get through immigration on Saturday. We landed at 5am on Sunday morning after having no sleep on the plane what so ever. We tried to stay awake yesterday so our body clocks could return to normal, I think we all had a little snooze during the day at some point and by 7pm we were all fast asleep in bed and we all managed to get up for school/work this morning 🙂

Phew I feel better now I am all caught up! I’ll be back next week with week twenty five, in the meantime I have loads of other posts to write so keep an eye out later in the week for those 🙂

I love doing the photo a day project and would love to follow yours if you do it too so please leave me a comment to let me know and I’ll pop by and visit you.

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