Posted on September 10, 2018

#Project365 – Week Thirty Six

Project 365 [2018]

We are well and truly back into the school routine now and I am managing to get caught up with everything that I haven’t managed to do over the summer. I can’t say I am particularly happy that autumn has arrived as I was enjoying the summer this year more than I ever have before. I turned 41 on Wednesday last week and had great time celebrating this weekend 🙂

Day 246 – This lucky one doesn’t have to go to school until Friday while her brother has to go back tomorrow. Looking forward to spending some time with her this week 💕

Day 247 – The baby of he family is going back to school and going into year 4 this year 😳

Day 248 – It was my birthday on Wednesday and my oldest sent me these gorgeous birthday flowers.

Day 249 – New Nails again. Grey and silver glitter this time 💕

Day 250 – Big day for this one. Her first day at secondary school 😳💕

Day 251 – How pretty is this glass that my friend bought me for my birthday. It makes drinking gin even more enjoyable 😉😍💕

Day 252 – Tired but happy after a really fab weekend. 😊

That’s all for this week. Are you doing #project365 this year? I’d love to connect if you are so please leave a comment so I can come and find you?

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