Posted on February 20, 2018

#Project365 – Week Seven [2018]

Project 365 [2018]

Finally it is our turn for half term this week, I think the whole country had their half term last week and I was really fed up but it so nice to be off this week when everyone is back to school 🙂 I’m a bit late with my project 365 this week as we have so much going off at home but we are trying to squeeze in some fun for the kids while they are off. Bugs has a friend round to play this afternoon and Boo is having one tomorrow, then we hope to have a few days out later in the week 🙂

Day 43 – Having a bit of me time in the tub. Bugs was off poorly all day on Monday so this was the first chance I got to be alone. Bliss 🙂

Day 44 – Little man was feeling better and enjoying a nice soak in the tub with a bath bomb donated to him by his lovely big sister 🤗

Day 45 – I Love watching them have fun together. They were laughing their heads off making musicallys. 💕

Day 46 – Just finished listening to this on Audible. What an absolutely lovely story 😍

Day 47 – I stuck on some make up because I am sick of seeing myself looking old and bedraggled. I never used to leave the house without make up but nowadays I only wear it if I am going out. Well I am going to have to make more effort because it’s making me feel like crap 💩

Day 48 – This one is absolutely shattered. So pleased that she has no netball tomorrow so she can have a lie in and then we have a lovely relaxing week of half term 🤗

Day 49 – Went for a stroll around Carsington water on Sunday afternoon and then back home for a chippy tea. Perfect 👌

That’s all for this week. Are you doing #project365 in 2018? I’d love to connect if you are so please leave a comment so I can come and find you?

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