Posted on April 17, 2013

Potty Training by Keira

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Another potty training guest post this evening from the lovely Keira – Keira really could do with your advice; so please leave some for her if you have some 🙂 Thanks so much x

We are attempting to potty train a very stubborn almost 3 year old who is not very interested. Unlike her older brother who was potty trained not long after turning 2, I am really struggling this time. We have bought a potty book, Princess Polly’s Potty, which she loves and has read to her  about 5 times a day. We have bought some new big girl’s pants, which she also loves and even some treats  and stickers to bribe her with but it is going very slowly and painfully (for me!) On the plus side she has done a wee and a poo on the potty, two days ago, but has done nothing on it since! She seems to be able to hold a wee all day long, which does concern me a bit. Yesterday at the childminders she wore her new pants all day long and stayed dry and then had a pull up on for the journey home, which she promptly filled to bursting.

She doesn’t mind sitting on the potty she just doesn’t seem to want to do anything on it! I have tried giving her extra drinks (this just resulted in accidents). About 6 months ago she went through a stage of telling us she needed a wee, so we started to try the potty then but it didn’t work, she flat out refused so we left it for a while but now she doesn’t even seem to be able to tell us before she needs a wee (she does for a poo). Our childminder is amazing and says she has never failed in potty training, apart from Lily! Any advice is much appreciated. I thought, as she was a bit older now we might be able to crack it quite quickly but now I am not so sure. It is her birthday tomorrow and we have been working towards the fact that big 3 year old girls have to go on the potty etc. Anyone who has had a similar experience I would really appreciate any advice?


Keira from Mama Designs x

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