Posted on February 9, 2017

Pokemon Bedding from Character World


Bugs came home from school last week to a very exciting parcel. He is a massive Pokemon fan so you can imagine just how over the moon he was when he saw that he had been sent brand new Pokemon bedding, a cushion and bean bag from the lovely folks over at Character World.

At the weekend we set about transforming his bedroom into a Pokemon lovers dream.  As you can see from the photos below Bugs is over the moon with the transformation 🙂

He loves his new bean bag, he carries it around the house with him and uses it wherever he sits. Each night he will take it up to his bedroom and each morning will bring it back downstairs.

The cushion has a different design on each side… one side is a Pokeball and the other is covered in lots of Pikachu’s. Bugs loves it because it is really really soft. He has always had a thing for the tags on clothes and the cushion feels quite similar so he likes to put his face on it and stroke it.

The cushion is sponge clean only so I’m not sure how long it is going to last, it’s had quite heavy use already and is starting to look a bit grubby. I just noticed that the bean bag is not washable either, I thought it might have had a removable cover but it doesn’t.

The pillow case has the same design each side but the duvet cover has a different design on each side. One side is covered in Pokeballs and the other side has a huge Pikachu with various other Pokemon on too.

I did wash all the bedding before he used it as it felt a little bit scratchy so I just washed it at 40 degrees, tumble dried it and gave it a quick iron (I don’t normally iron bedding though) and it felt much better afterwards. Bugs is actually excited about going to bed each night again… not sure how long that will last but for someone who hates bedtime it’s has given mum & dad a few easier bedtime’s so far!

You can find this awesome Pokemon bedding at Asda, Argos and Amazon. Check out the Character World website for more information and see all of the other Characters. they do everything from Star Wars, Paw Patrol, Finding Dory, Peppa Pig and so much more.

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