Posted on September 9, 2013

PaperShaker Invites Review

Review/ sponsored

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to check out PaperShaker and review some of their cards, knowing that Boo has a birthday coming up in October I jumped at the chance. The website looked very professional and their products looked great! My account was credited with £25 and off I set to create some invites for my daughter’s 7th Birthday party!


We finally settled for the above design which is called Dotty, Boo had already chosen the photo that she wanted to use for her invitation and it was really easy to find a card suitable on the PaperShaker website as you can filter by gender, colour, photo amount and format. We filtered by photo amount and then all the invites which were suitable for just one photo came up.


Editing is made very simple, we just had to add a photo and change the 3 to a 7 and then fill in all the details on the reverse of the invite. You can also swap and change backgrounds, text colour, pictures etc very easily. Boo was adamant she wanted to go with the invite as it was so I didn’t get to create something myself!

Photo 09-09-2013 10 21 48

The cards arrived the very next day and are absolutely lovely! Fantastic quality card and beautifully printed! Envelopes are provided too so all you need to do is send them out 🙂

I ordered 3 packs of 10 at £9.90 each, p&p was £2.99 so my total order for 30 invites was £32.69 of which £25.00 was covered so I paid £7.69. They are more than I would normally pay for invitations to a birthday party but I would definitely use them for a special occasion, there is no way I would be able to spend that amount of money on invites for both my kids every year but for wedding invites and birth announcements etc they are perfect and I would highly recommend them!

Photo 09-09-2013 10 21 59

PaperShaker are offering my lovely readers 25% off their products until 6th October; just quote THISMUMMYLOVES at the checkout 🙂 I’m really looking forward to their new range of stationary which is coming soon!

This is a sponsored review post.

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