Posted on May 3, 2019

My Happy Days – 27th Apr-3rd May 2019

My Happy Days/ personal

This week has been a week of getting back into a routine after the Easter holidays, it’s not difficult we all fall back into place quite nicely but boy do I miss the freedom and company of the holidays. Thank goodness for a three day weekend this weekend! I’m crossing my fingers for some nice weather so we can get out and do some exploring 🙂

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Posted on April 27, 2019

My Happy Days – 20th-26th April 2019

My Happy Days/ personal

I have to say I am really loving doing this project again… it really does help with my mental health! This week has been really lovely. We spent five nights in North Wales and were basically WiFi free for at least three of those days so it was really good to switch off… As I type this my youngest is playing on Fornite and I have to say I really haven’t missed all that shouting! I think I may have to stop him playing it as he is a much nicer person while he is not playing it.

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Posted on April 19, 2019

My Happy Days – 13th-19th April 2019

My Happy Days/ personal

Last year I tried to do the 100 happy days project at the same time as doing a 365 project, I managed to get to day 70 and just found it all a bit too much. Since I finished doing the 365 project earlier this year I have felt a bit lost without having a photo project to focus on so I decided that I would start my own happy days project just taking a photo every day of something that has made me happy. Just to try and get me to focus on the positive things a little bit more as you all know I have been struggling lately.

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Posted on April 5, 2019

25 Spring Crafts for Kids

Activities/ Craft/ Spring

With the Easter holidays right around the corner I thought I’d put together some Spring craft ideas so it might help when you are looking for something to entertain the kids while they aren’t at school. Spring is my absolute favourite time of year, there is so much to look forward to! If you are looking for more Easter focused crafts then make sure you check out the posts listed at the end of this post… Enjoy 🙂

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Posted on April 1, 2019

Life Lately…


I’m not going to lie I’ve been finding life pretty hard lately, my mood has been so low and I’ve been a nightmare to live with… I’m not sure how James has managed to put up with me! Because of this I have really not had the will to blog much at all… I’ve been finding it so hard to sit and write, my head has just been so full of darkness that I just couldn’t find the words. But this morning I have managed to find a bit of light so here I am.

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Posted on March 29, 2019

March 2019 – This Mummy Loves…

This Mummy Loves.../ TML Monthly

Hi everyone and welcome to March’s issue of This Mummy Loves… This post is all about everything that we have been loving over the last month. It is full of products that we have been sent to try, ones that we have bought ourselves and loved so much that we just had to share them with you and it is also full of things that we have loved doing too.

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Posted on March 26, 2019

AD | 20 Awesome Gift Ideas

Featured/ gifts

I love buying gifts for people and when I started writing this post I had my other half in mind but most of these gifts could actually be for anybody special in your life; a partner, son, daughter, parent, siblings etc. If they are special enough and you have the money then these are some awesome gifts that you could buy for them. I mainly try to buy experiences for my partner nowadays as I often to get to join in the fun too and I know he enjoys these things much more if he gets to share the experience with me instead of being sent off to do something alone.

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Posted on March 12, 2019

Great days out in Hertfordshire for the family


* This is a collaborative post.

Not sure where to begin your next trip in picturesque Hertfordshire? A 20-minute train journey from central London, Hertfordshire (otherwise known as Herts) is overflowing with wholesome, entertaining family days out. From wizards and wild animals to snow centres and cathedrals, these ideas are sure to inspire you.

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