Posted on July 31, 2014

Outdoor Fun with Argos


We were very lucky recently to be sent lots of amazing outdoors toys to play with from the lovely people at Argos. The range of toys we were sent is amazing and they are all perfect for playing outdoors!

We have been on school holidays a week almost now and we have spent everyday outside for the most part, every single night my kids have dropped in to bed and fell straight to sleep! I love them being outdoors and I love them having as much fun as they have been having!!

Photo 28-07-2014 22 26 58

They both absolutely love playing with their Chad Valley Wooden Tension Tower and have spent hours out in the garden playing with it, Bugs picked up the hang of the game really quickly and Boo was her usual competitive self and yes I have joined in a good few times too because there is nothing I love more than sitting in the garden playing traditional games with my kids 🙂

Photo 28-07-2014 22 28 51

Argos also sell lots of Nerf Guns which both of mine love playing with, Bugs found pulling the lever back on his quite hard at first but he has learnt how to do it now so they spend hours shooting in the garden, the neighbours can often be found here too with their guns for giant Nerf battles! They are also really handy to put in our toy bag for when we go to the park or beach! I like to take a selection of toys with us wherever we go and these guns have visited the park with us a few times now, the kids love to play ‘who can shoot the furthest’ with each other, I try and encourage this so they are not always shooting at each other!

Photo 28-07-2014 22 27 47

Another perfect item for taking on picnics to the park or beach is this folding Moshi Monsters chair! Bugs has not used another chair since it arrived! I was very surprised at how lovely and thick the padding is, it seems very comfy indeed… in fact I am rather jealous! I now need to buy myself a chair to take on picnics… I’m getting too old to sit on picnic blankets 😉

Kickmaster Football

Wherever we go we always take a football with us, Bugs is a massive footie fan and was over the moon with this one, he loves the colour, all of his others are just standard white ones and yes he ALWAYS wears his wellies 😉


Last but not least they both received a Super Soaker. Boo was disappointed with hers as it is a lot smaller than Bugs. That was my fault for not choosing two similar sizes!! They love having water fights in the garden. Bugs is a bit of a wimp so we always have to use warm water lol – Boo now has a massive Super Soaker on her birthday list for all the times that Bugs has soaked her while she had been running to refill!

You can find lots of other fun outdoor toys like these at Argos. We are rather grateful for all the wonderful things we have been sent! Our summer is looking to be so much more fun because of them! 🙂

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