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Our Visit to Cadbury World

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Last Sunday we drove down to Cadbury World at Birmingham,  it’s not too far from us it took just over an hour including a little ‘detour’ for about ten minutes (which was NOT my navigation skills)  We arrived just after 10:30am and we took the last space in the car park  so I was expecting it to be super busy! Parking is free as it should be 😉

We took with us two very excited children, they are huge fans of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory so has pretty high expectations LOL – When we arrived there was no queuing for tickets at all which surprised me somewhat but I was rather pleased to get seen to as we were eager to get on with the tour. As soon as we had checked in and got our tickets we could go over to the tour queue, which was virtually none existent and we where sent on our was with a Double Decker and a packet of Buttons each! Happy Kids 😉

Photo 12-12-2013 20 54 45

First the tour took us through the Aztec Jungle, where we walked through the rainforest and were supposed to find out all about the cocoa tree and see the Aztec Emperor Montezuma whose favourite drink was ‘chocolatl’ but the kids had no interest in stopping to read any displays unfortunately.

On we went to the Journey to Europe, again we might as well not walked through here as Bugs started to have a tantrum because I wouldn’t let him run off and people kept trying to run him over with their pushchairs, it was a bit of a nightmare to be quite honest!

We made our way to Bull Street where the first Cadbury shop was opened, I found this really interesting listening to the story and seeing the shop with the kind of things they used to sell when they first started.

We then watched two short films, The first was The Cadbury Story, me & my other half really enjoyed this, I love to hear how Cadbury started and how it has grown over the years; the second was Making Chocolate, the kids loved this one because there was a few surprises while we were watching it 😉

Next we moved on to Manufacturing and Packaging, the kids enjoyed watching the bars and boxes been sent along the conveyor belts but didn’t hold their interest for that long, thankfully we had been given more chocolate bars to keep us happy… They knew that the Cadabra ride was coming up next and wanted to get to that!

Step into one of our Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland full of familiar characters as you discover the magic of Cadbury. It’s great fun – especially for kids – and one of the Beanmobiles has access for the disabled, so everyone can enjoy the ride.

We all enjoyed the Cadabra ride, Bugs’s face was a real picture as we drove round 😉 You can purchase photos from this, Bugs decided he was not looking at the camera so we didn’t but had it been good I probably would. I don’t think £7 or 2 for £10 is that much to pay for a family photo 😉


Then the bit we had all been waiting for chocolate making! The best part obviously was that we were given pots of warm liquid chocolate with our choice of treat! This was delicious and it was so lovely to see all the chocolate being made and decorated.

Next we walked through Advertising Avenue, I just loved going back through the years seeing the old adverts and Bugs would have stood for HOURS watching the gorilla play the drums lol!

The we landed on Purple Planet which had lots of interactive fun, not just for the kids 😉 We played in here for a good half an hour but could have stayed in there longer!

We then walked in to The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop where I refrained from buying a single thing because I am trying to eat healthily! That really took a lot of restraint!

As it was one of the Christmas Celebration Weekends whilst we were there we got to join in with those too…

Father Christmas will also be flying in from the North Pole to take up residence by the fireplace in his magical themed Christmas grotto where children will have the chance to meet him and receive a small free gift.

We queued for just under an hour to see Father Christmas, this was helped buy a very friendly magician who kept going up and down the queue to try and help entertain some very tired, excited  and bored kids – without him I think we’d all have gone bonkers! The tent we were waiting in was sweltering so it really was quite unpleasant but really worth it when the kids got to see Father Christmas! He was a really lovely Santa too and his grotto was very nice!

Photo 08-12-2013 14 12 24

Our photo with Santa

We did have our photo taken with Father Christmas and this cost us £7.00 – there were various offers on for snow-globes, key-rings etc but I just wanted one photo as a memory 🙂

Photo 11-12-2013 09 25 30

The free gift from Santa

The kids were really pleased with their little free gift, I would have like it to have had some relation to Cadbury World as a souvenir but I doubt the kids will forget where they got it in a while.

There is also the the opportunity to watch our own unique pantomime ‘Jack and the Cocoa Bean Stalk’. This enchanting thirty minute production with original music, puppets and plenty of jokes promises to be lots of fun for the whole family. Will our hero Jack be able to defeat the evil Giant and rescue Princess Sparkle? With Fairy Twinkle and some magic cocoa beans, watch as the beanstalk helps him on his way.

Christmas Celebration Weekends 2013

23rd – 24th and 30th November. 1st, 7th – 8th, 14th-15th and 21st-22nd December

Panto times: 12.00pm, 1.00pm, 2.00pm, 3.00pm and 4.00pm. Santa’s grotto open 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Unfortunately we misjudged how long it would take us to see Father Christmas and missed our panto session, my other half wasn’t feeling very well so we decided to head home which is a shame as we would have loved to see it, thankfully I hadn’t mentioned it to the kids otherwise they would have been so disappointed.

Photo 11-12-2013 09 26 23

Mmmm goodies

We were sent home with a really lovely goodie bag… that is ALL MINE 😉

So overall we had a good day out, the kids were pretty bored in many places and obviously Cadbury World know exactly the right time to give out the chocolate and this seemed to help 😉

We did go with high expectations and did come away feeling rather let down for the kids mainly, I definitely would go back without the children because I love all the history side of it. I would recommend going at a time when Cadbury World have extra events on like the Santa’s Grotto and panto as you can get much more value for your money that way! There is also a fantastic children’s play area to the rear of the building so if it’s a nice day a lot of fun can be had on that!

* We were provided with entry for our family and a goodie bag in exchange for this completely honest review.

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    What a yummy review, we liked Cadbury World but would have preferred the kids to be older. I want chocolate now x

    • Reply Sonia December 17, 2013 at 9:07 pm

      Mmmmm me too!! x

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