Posted on September 18, 2012

Orchard Toys – Rhyme Robber Review

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We have bought products from Orchard Toys before and they are always great value, very well thought out and educational so I was very pleased when Rhyme Robber was to in our very first Toysrus Toyologist box!

Rhyme Robber is a fun, rhyming game.

Boo has really enjoyed playing this game… she’s not too keen on the losing part but all the while she is trying to find rhymes she is absolutely fine lol

The game comes with –

  • 4 rhyme robber boards
  • 48 rhyme cards
  • 1 rhyme guide board
  • 1 instructionleaflet

As always this is another quality game from Orchard Toys, the card that everything is printed on is sturdy and tough (ours have been put through the toddler testing so we can definately say they are quality)

To play –

Each player selects a rhyme robber board; shuffle the rhyme cards and deal each player 2 cards. Place 4 cards face up on the table and then place the rest in a pile face down.

The youngest player goes first and checks if either of the two cards in their hand match any of the 4 that are facing up. (Using the rhyme guide board to help if necessary) If they do the player takes the card that rhymes saying for example “chair rhymes with bear” and places them on their swag bag. The player then takes a new card off the pile and play passes to the next person.

The game continues until tall the cards have been played;  The object of the game is to collect as many rhyming words in your swag bag. The game is suitable from 5-9 years for up to 4 players.

Educational Guide

  • Encourage observation and language skills
  • Develop sound recognition and rhyming skills
  • Develop social communication through co-operation and turn taking
  • Link with National Curriculum English Key Stage 1
We have really enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it.

Rhyme Robber is available to buy from Toys R Us for £8.99 – follow all our reviews over on the Toys R Us Toy Box 🙂

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