Posted on February 9, 2014

#NYNYStyleproject Days 34-40


Here is my latest week from the #NYNYstyleproject that I am doing over on Instagram. It’s a great challenge and I am loving coming up with ideas for the prompt each day! If you like following my #NYNYstyleproject pictures then you can follow me on Instagram (Sonia2011) or follow the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

Day 34 'Stripes' -

Day 34 ‘Stripes’ – Didn’t think I had any stripes and the remembered this dress that I bought for a wedding a couple of years ago. I love it!

Day 35 'Winter Coat' -

Day 35 ‘Winter Coat’ – Love my winter coat from warehouse about ten years ago. Bit small now but still my fav!

Day 36 'Floral' -

Day 36 ‘Floral’ – I {heart} my Cath Kidston bag :0)

Day 37 'Necklace' -

Day 37 ‘Necklace’ – Love this necklace that Kara from Innocent Charms Chats made for me.

Day 38 'Very Berry' -

Day 38 ‘Very Berry’ – Never has matt finish nails before. Can’t say I’m that taken with them.

Day 39 'Tan' -

Day 39 ‘Tan’ – Love my Mia Tui Grace bag. It’s had a lot of use!

Day 40 'Scent' -

Day 40 ‘Scent’ – My fav scent apart from babies heads of course 😉

See you next Sunday for more #NYNYstyleproject or follow me on Instagram and see them daily x

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