Posted on February 2, 2014

#NYNYStyleproject Days 27-33


This is my latest week from the #NYNYstyleproject that I am doing over on Instagram. It’s a great challenge and I am loving coming up with ideas for the prompt each day! If you like following my #NYNYstyleproject pictures then you can follow me on Instagram (Sonia2011) or follow the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

Day 27 '

Day 27 ‘Relaxed’ – Just finished ironing and now have half an hour before the school run to watch a bit of #orangeisthenewblack on #netflix

Photo 28-01-2014 14 23 20

Day 28 ‘Handbag” – My fav and most special bag. It’s a #peachpinkbag that I bought in the #Matildamae auction last year. I love it so much and it always reminds me to be eternally grateful for everything that I have!

Photo 29-01-2014 21 11 27

Day 29 ‘Dance’ -Sorry I don’t #dance so can’t come up with anything for today’s #nynystyleproject I hate dancing, have two left feet and just hate it!! I’m busy doing my nails this evening

Photo 30-01-2014 20 43 00

Day 30 ‘Jewels’ – Just one of my many necklaces that don’t get worn very often!

Photo 31-01-2014 16 20 25

Day 31 ‘Peppermint’ – My iPad cover is the only #peppermint that I own.

Photo 01-02-2014 14 01 12

Day 32 ‘Boots’ – Love my snuggly Canterbury Sheepskin boots. They are so WARM, very much needed today!

Photo 02-02-2014 14 49 29

Day 33 ‘ Eyeliner’ – My #eyeliner is always green. I have worn this colour since I was 14 years old! Would really like to learn how to apply it in other ways.

I’ve really struggled this week with the project and have been pretty lazy with it, next week I’m going to try and be a little bit more creative!

Here are the new prompts for February…


See you next Sunday for more #NYNYstyleproject or follow me on Instagram and see them daily x

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