Posted on February 12, 2014

Netflix Stream Team #GetFitWithNetflix

Netflix Stream Team

I was very lucky to be selected as part of the Netflix Stream Team at the end of last year… We were all VERY excited by this! Since getting our subscription about a month ago I have turned into a complete addict! I never really watch any TV before but now I watch Netflix every single day! I have completed Orange is the New Black and just LOVED it, I am loving Life Unexpected at the moment and I am trying to get my head round Breaking Bad but I’m still not convinced it is for me.

Each month I will be sharing Netflix news and other exciting things with you. This month I got the chance to ask fitness expert  Niki Wibrow a few questions, as a Mum I find it incredibly difficult to stay in shape and find the time for me so I asked questions relating to this and I am sure you can all relate.

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What are your top tips for keeping fit whilst looking after small children?

My top tips for keeping fit whilst looking after young children is firstly small manageable workouts that work for you. Capitalizing on the time you have is important, even if it is around 10 minutes a day. Also a great tip is to put on a child’s favourite show whilst you work out.

How much exercise should an average Mum be doing weekly?

How much exercise mums should be doing weekly completely depends on your goal. If losing weight or toning up is your fitness goal, three to four workout sessions per week is ideal.

What exercise would you suggest doing to burn the most amount of calories?

Skipping a great calorie burner and it can even be done with or without rope. Also the Netflix workouts I have devised all come together to make a calorie burning workout, whilst you watch your favourite shows!

Niki Wibrow has developed three bespoke exercises concentrating on five different areas. Each can be performed in different combinations, at different speeds and at different numbers of repetitions to suit your fitness plan

1. Warm-ups – Cardio, Boxing Combos & Yoga Swings

2. Legs – Skaters, Spider Squats & Plies

3. Arms – Dolphin, Walking Planks & Tricep Dips

4. Core – Toe Taps, Twisting Planks & Seated Abs

5. Back – Lying Superman, Standing Stars & Kneeling Superman

I used to love jumping on the cross trainer or treadmill whilst watching my favourite TV show, I haven’t done that in a long time as more recently I have done workout DVD’s and that kinda hogs the TV  so I think I’m going to have to get back on the bike and then at least I’ll have an excuse to watch Netflix and not feel guilty for sitting down and doing nothing 😉

What shows will you be watching whilst working out? Please let me know your favourite Netflix shows I am really keen to learn xxx

* I received a welcome package to become a Netflix Stream Team member containing an iPad, Netflix Subscription, some sweeties and popcorn. No other payment has been received. 

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