Posted on December 21, 2013

Name Necklace Review


Boo was recently sent a sterling silver name necklace from oNecklace  worth $39.95 to review. She was really excited when she got asked to do this and it took her ages to decide which one to get. She finally opted for colour name necklace with heart and decided she would like the heart to be pink… obviously 😉

Photo 19-12-2013 13 59 09 (1)

So when it arrived her heart sank a little because it was black but she soon got over that and decided that she really liked it anyway. Mummy however isn’t that taken with it as the black heart is really very messy as you can see from this photo…

Photo 19-12-2013 13 59 09

It also seems to be quite this and flimsy but it appears much thicker on the website, I guess that the one photographed is actually silver where as this one is sterling silver. It also would have been nice if it had been presented in a gift box as it was just hung around some black card and stapled into a little bag.

I wish we had opted for the name necklace without the heart now as that has somewhat spoilt it for me and I am quite disappointed. The necklaces are posted from Jerusalem and it took three weeks to arrive so please leave plenty of time if you are ordering for a special occasion.

* We received this necklace free of charge for this honest review.

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  • Reply Gail Reid December 23, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Hm I keep posting comments on blogs and they just don’t show up lol

    …it was just a suggestion, but since I am queen of stickles (and while we mention it there are also Other Quality Glues Out There… just my personal choice 😉 ) but me and the Little Myz thought it would look gorgeous if you added pink stickles over the black bit? That is what we would do as we love sparkliness.. and your little princess would get her pink 🙂

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