Posted on September 12, 2013

Wardrobe Hell!


I am terrible when it comes to updating my wardrobe, I have clothes in there from 20 years back, unless something is damaged it never gets thrown out! I’m the same with the kids clothes I have bags and bags of baby clothes, toddler clothes, teenager clothes all in the attic… I spent so much money on them I just hate to see them get thrown away and online auctions are far too much hassle for me! I have sent lots of stuff to charity shops before knowing full well I’m losing out on some money BUT whilst it’s just sitting there it’s not much good to me either! I haven’t got the time or energy to sell them myself; getting up at 6am on a Sunday morning to do a car boot sale fills me with dread – I like my bed far too much for that 😉

Mazzali: "Slim" slidingdoors wardrobe.  Bedroom and living area

Wardrobe and bedroom to die for…!

If I could just bundle up all my old clothes and sell them for cash that would be perfect! I’m sure they are worth something to someone, instead they just collect dust in my wardrobe or attic! I hear of people getting their Summer wardrobe out and think you actually have a Summer and Winter wardrobe? You put all your Winter clothes away in Summer and vice versa? Who has time for that?  Who doesn’t just jump out of bed in a morning and pull on the nearest thing that fits and looks half decent? My wardrobe looks exactly the same all year round, most of the clothes that I do wear are usually found in the ironing pile anyway!

My kids wardrobes however are all perfectly washed and ironed and they have a wonderful selection of clothes whatever time of year it is! I think maybe it’s time I spent a bit of time looking after me!!

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