Posted on April 19, 2019

My Happy Days – 13th-19th April 2019

My Happy Days/ personal

Last year I tried to do the 100 happy days project at the same time as doing a 365 project, I managed to get to day 70 and just found it all a bit too much. Since I finished doing the 365 project earlier this year I have felt a bit lost without having a photo project to focus on so I decided that I would start my own happy days project just taking a photo every day of something that has made me happy. Just to try and get me to focus on the positive things a little bit more as you all know I have been struggling lately.

Saturday 13th April – I promised him we’d make some rock buns on Saturday afternoon and then realised we had no eggs so I found a cookie recipe instead and made these mini egg cookies which are actually delicious. I’m really trying to make an effort to allow the kids into the kitchen at the moment. I’m a bit OCD about cooking and mess so I tend not to do things like this but I really want them to be able to cook for me so I need to change that 😂 

Sunday 14th April – We had a really lazy weekend last weekend. Usually we try and cram loads into a weekend but as it was the start of our Easter holidays we didn’t feel as much pressure to get out and do stuff. We did go out to the park for a walk on Sunday evening for a bit of fresh air and then went and sat with a large glass of wine and planned the rest of the holidays. 😊

Monday 15th April – I’m so ready for this on Monday evening. I try not to drink in the week but I had a crap day and felt dreadful so gin it was.

Tuesday 16th April – Took a little time for me today and went and had my nails done. I love this colour. New nails day is always one of my favourite days of the month! Really made me feel better after a crappy day yesterday.

Wednesday 17th April – Been out for lunch today with this lovely bunch. I find it hard to believe that I created them all 🙂

Thursday 18th April – We are really loving the lazy mornings right now.

Friday 19th April – Just chilling and listening to my book while everyone else gets on with their own thing. We’ve had such a lovely day doing nothing and had fish and chips for tea. 🤤💕

I’m so pleased I have started doing this project again, I have noticed a significant improvement in my mood so that’s a really good thing! We have lots of things planned for the rest of the Easter holidays…. I can’t wait to go away next week! I’ll be sharing all over on our Instagram accounts next week so make sure you’re following along with both of them…

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